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Windows Phone 99 Windows Phone Set For A Major Announcement Tomorrow, Maybe The First Nokia Windows Phone?

A close friend of mine recently complained about why exactly I avoid writing about Windows Phone and Nokia. To be honest, I haven’t been impressed by earlier Nokia Devices, owing primarily to the fact that the Operating System for the Nokia devices has been very lousy to say the least. I am now anxiously waiting for the much anticipated Nokia’s Windows Phone, which by all means has to be a game changer in the smartphone industry.

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image thumb52 Infographic: iPad Against Android, Microsoft TabletsWith the Apple iPad 2 out in the markets along with a plethora of other tablets it is always a tough choice to make, what to buy and what not. Obviously fanboys of any brand or operating system would never look at anything else, but some users always lookout for the specs to make the right decision. An informed one as they think of it.

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image thumb13 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Android Honeycomb, Dual Core Processor And Dual Camera

The Mobile World Congress might be a bit too big of an event for me to cover but here’s one big news. Samsung announced or rather revealed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at the MWC 2011 and the device is impressive by all means.

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image thumb62 Honeycomb Will Be Android Version 2.4 Not 3.0 [Rumor]

Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread has blessed numerous Android based devices and we have been a bit confused on what the next version is going to be. I initially thought that Google would readily let go of the 2.x version after Froyo and that the next update would be 3.x. Wrong I was and I might just be wrong for the next update too.

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Apple iPad 2 Coming In February 2011!

Digitimes and Foxconn are creating a stir in the Tech world with some major announcements. Both the factories are reported to be readying iPads 2 which are to be ready within the next 3 months. 100 days to be precise.

image thumb38 Apple iPad 2 Coming In February 2011!

If this is true by any means we will be having the current version of the Apple iPad being succeeded by iPad 2 in April or March at the latest. Rumors also have it that Foxconn is readying close to 600,000 pieces of the new Apple tablet. So should we expect big announcement by mid January about the iPad 2? I am more inclined towards the thought of the device being announced at the CES event on January 4. Lets see what happens.

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image thumb72 RIM Has Finally Impressed Us With The BlackBerry PlayBook, At Least With The Ad

I might have to eat my words when I said that the BlackBerry tablet would just be another meager attempt to toss out Apple’s iPad. Put aside BlackBerry’s attempts with its smartphones with devices like the Torch [which I personally wasn’t pleased with], the BlackBerry PlayBook is a beauty, something I wasn’t really expecting from Research In Motion [RIM].

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image thumb58 RIM Rumored To Release BlackBerry Tablet Next Week. Who Gives A ****?

Somebody should pull the shutters down on RIM. First they are confused on whether to evolve into something similar to Apple’s iPhone and the Android phones by removing that trademark physical keyboard. Second on creating an amalgamation in the form of the Torch, which some folks I know find extremely appealing. However the news of today is that Research In Motion might actually be revealing their iPad competitor, their very own BlackBerry Tablet in the next week.

Someone please burn its schematic, destroy all existing tablets that are to be rolled out and make this upcoming tablet a history. You might think I have grudges against RIM, yes I most definitely have, but these guys need to make a touch challenger in the smartphone arena to compete with the likes of the iPhone, HTC devices and Samsung before jumping into the Tablet category. That’s just my opinion,many of you might differ.

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image thumb12 Samsung Galaxy Tab Ad Reveal Swype Text Input. The Device Looks Impressive!

I absolutely dislike Samsung mobiles. Even the Galaxy S running on my favorite Android OS. They just don’t give you that feel of a smartphone, perhaps Samsung isn’t really best with mobile devices but this iPad killer looks deadly impressive.

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image thumb144 Google Continues Experimentation With Chrome OS, Indications That It Will Power iPad Competitors

Google continues to make Chrome powerful and more importantly giving users a better way to test run the many experimental features it has to offer. It’s obvious that Google sees the role of the browser being a minute part of the Chrome OS it has in plans. The browser has evolved quite a lot beginning from one with no support for extensions.

Today more reports of Google bolstering it surfaced stating that it has already enabled speech recognition in the upcoming builds of Chrome. The inclusion of about:labs lets you get your hands on experimental stuff that isn’t meant for those who fear testing things out. One feature for Windows users is that they view tabs on the left while those using the Mac can get the feel of the Tab Expose [you can get hold of more experiments at Chrome Labs].

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image thumb9 And Apple ‘might’ give us the Tablet in 2010

There is another rumor associated to Apple and it’s about another piece of hardware, the Apple Tablet. The rumors put the launch of the Apple Tablet in the early 2010 and will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics, the same that manufactures the iPhone and iPod. The number of devices produced is still unknown but will most probably be close to 400,000 pieces. It will also have a 10.6 inch display and I guess it will be similar to iPod turned into an e-book reader and might just have a better battery life. Well I am waiting for it, to see what exactly is it like?