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123592314 Steve Jobs Biography Already Selling At Heathrow Airport In London Before Official Release October 24

Steve Jobs was great, so great that his death left a massive impact on every one around. To us Steve Jobs was more of a Mindset than just a man. Everyone who knew about the man, anyone who had ever used an Apple product. From the lovers of Macs to the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad, he gave everyone a reason to love their device and many more to own what he calls the rip off of Apple products (though I totally disagree with the last one). Steve Jobs book, the biography was certainly one of those that everyone anxiously waited for and with his death, the demand has grown by leaps and bounds. The book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is set to be on shelves on Monday, October 24.

That’s the official date, but apparently one of the stores in London has the book already available on sale. If you are in London, you can go to the Heathrow Airport of WH Smith and grab your copy about the genius Steve Jobs.

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168858 apple ceo tim cook speaks in front of an image of an iphone 4s at appl iPhone 4S Sales Hit 1 Million In One Day, Another Record

This was bound to happen with all the hype prior the release of the next generation of the iPhone. The iPhone 4S, being a disappointment for many who were expecting an iPhone 5 with a large screen and what not, the release was marked by the news of the sad demise of Steve Jobs and of course the death of a mindset as well. However the iPhone 4S has broken all records, as usual hitting 1 Million sales in just one day.

The legacy of Steve Jobs will live in the Apple products to come. I am sure we can expect his approved designs for the next one year at least, given the guy [and of course the folks at Apple] though well in advance like any other great technology company. I dislike the new iPhone 4S, but that’s just me [and I know I can never justify why I dislike the device], but it is definitely a great piece of hardware sitting in the same old crappy iPhone 4 design.

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iPhone 4s Unlocked Unlocked iPhone 4S Coming In November, A Bit Expensive, Arent They?

You read that right, Apple is finally embracing the free iPhone, I mean free of carrier. The news came in today, a day after the sad demise of Steve Jobs owing to his long illness and Pancreatic Cancer and Apple following the visionary’s path, is back in business, staying hungry, staying foolish. I am sure Steve Jobs would have done the same, resumed work immediately after leaving planet Earth, I mean if this was possible by any means.

Just not one thing though, Apple isn’t selling Free iPhone 4S nor is it having Cheap iPhone devices. These unlocked iPhone 4S will be available November onwards and will begin from 16GB costing $649 to the 64GB costing a whopping $849. I guess many would rather go for the contract based device and than manually unlock it. It is a good news for people in countries like Pakistan where people usually have to take a really expensive route at getting an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, even now. With this everyone can buy a Factory Unlocked iPhone fairly cheaply. Finally the search queries like Free iPhone, Cheap iPhone, iPhone 4 unlock will be lessening.

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image thumb5 Steve Jobs Day As Ex CEO–The Man’s Food Was Apple

A countless people are in shock over the death of Steve Jobs. The man had more than one product, a great vision to offer to the modern world. I wont compare him to Edison or anyone, he was and will be Steve Jobs. I just came across the above image I had saved of his daily tasks after he stepped down as the Apple CEO and he definitely knew not what resting is. I understand, when you take a bow from pushing forth your vision, the energy and enthusiasm lives, gets stronger because no one understands your vision more than yourself.

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image thumb4 Dear Steve Jobs–I Have No Words, Just That I Stay Hungry, I Stay Foolish

Dear Steve Jobs,

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image thumb43 Steve Jobs: From Stage Fright To The Stanford Commencement Speech

I guess this week is dedicated to Steve Jobs across the blogosphere. We thought we will do our bit honor to the great man who gave us an Apple, different from what mankind had known throughout history. While all this sounds great, I am actually a bit disgusted about people calling him Sir, Greek god, the modern Greek Warrior or what not. He is just an innovator, a great one and that’s it.

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steve jobs Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO–The Irreplaceable Man Calls It A Day

No matter how much i have spoken against Apple, Jobs – it had only been for the great admiration that couldn’t have been justified by simply saying he Revolutionized the Computing Era – My Hate has justified that admiration, bit by bit and this admiration was very real, perhaps more than many of those who go shouting about being his die hard fans.

I will miss Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple.

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image thumb29 Steve Jobs Takes A Medical Leave From Apple

The beloved CEO of all Apple fans appears to be taking another leave for medical reasons. This follows his earlier leave back in 2009 when he had undertaken a similar absence in order to focus more on his health.

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image thumb61 President Obama Meets Steve Jobs To Discuss State Of Technology. Wonder If That Was It

The President of the United States Of America, Barrack Obama is reported to have met the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs in a one to one meeting when he flew to California. While meeting Steve Jobs wasn’t really the major agenda of President Barrack Obama’s visit, as the president is visiting the West Coast for bigger reasons.  The mid term election campaign, as has been confirmed by Robert Gibbs, the press secretary of the President.

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image thumb49 Andy Rubin The Android Chief Gives Steve Jobs A Slashing Taste Of His Own Medicine

Steve Jobs has all of a sudden got a big mouth. Not that he wasn’t already, but that was only to do with his product and going loud on the quality of each was quite justified. But I guess the genius took a serious offence when his iPhone fans reported of the Antennagate issue and their disgust as to why such imperfection would come from Apple? He had all the reasons, even brought smartphones from Samsung, HTC and Nokia and demonstrated how each one of them has the same issue and was readily slashed for it. Today he took his chance at slashing the Android, BlackBerry PlayBook and all the upcoming tablets. And he got a reply, from a very silent man of Android, its chief, Andy Rubin.

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