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image thumb110 Create Your Virtual Business Cards With Qubrit!

Visiting cards are absolutely essential but cutting down trees to make paper for cards isn’t very friendly to the environment. Why not have something friendlier for the same purpose? Why not Qubrit?

The startup lets you create business cards, a virtual card holder and one that is friendlier to the environment. You can create your own professional looking card with all essential details like telephone numbers, emails, links to your profiles on numerous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, to web pages, including your blog and to the instant messaging services you use like Skype and Gtalk. Signing up isn’t a problem, quite easy and purposeful.

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image thumb64 Startup Tip: Put Down That wallet; Why Startups May Not Need A Lawyer To Form A Corporation

The guest post is written by Nellie Akalp; CEO & Co-Founder of CorpNet, Incorporated, her second incorporation filing service company based on the simple philosophy of truth in business and her strong passion to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in getting their business off the ground in a fast, reliable, and affordable manner.

I have nothing against lawyers. I’m married to one, in fact. And I myself graduated law school and obtained my JD (Juris Doctorate Degree) back in 1998. But with that said, there are times when attorneys are overused — and those unnecessary retainer fees and hourly rates can hurt the startup process when cash is tight.

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image thumb39 Wrttn.Me Brings Notepad To The Web: Amateur And Aspiring Bloggers Might Love This One

I bet many of us still use the Notepad that comes loaded with our Microsoft Windows, don’t you? I state that because I have seen many developers use that to write codes because it doesn’t pollute the text area with grammar and spellings, which is pretty annoying. But since everything is moving to the clouds. why not the notepad? This is the same reason why Wrttn.me comes in, with a little bit of extra features.

The best thing this startup gives a user is that you can design your own notepad, it isn’t about simply typing in text. Wrttn lets you create custom CSS Styles as well as incorporate marking types like HTML5 or Markdown, etc. Or it can be just your simple text. I was just exploring Wrttn and figured out it can actually help you in a lot of ways, primarily for those aspiring bloggers and writers who are still confused on what platform to use for blogging? I wont actually call it a platform, but you can definitely use it for the purpose of sharing your thoughts, writings, even videos to share with the online community with Wrttn. The links for these note can be easily placed across social networks and recommendation engines like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc.

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image thumb40 Buy Cheaper College Books With Book.ly

When you talk about being a part of the Web 2.0 or the mobile arena, speed and convenience is what should be readily available. Same should be applied to buying books, those academic or general books on any subject. Book.ly is another startup that ensures that a college student finds the books he is looking for at one place at the most convenient of rates.

Here’s the catch, Book.ly promises to assist students by finding their required books and save up to 40% in price. Now that is a huge sum you save given the fact an average college student would spend over $700 on books each year and that saves him $280, which is quite a big amount. Now, this isn’t some random cheap bookstore aggregator that gives you links to external stores where you can buy books, rather it partners with numerous clubs, campus organizations in a university. The partnership is based on profit sharing, where Book.ly shares up to 20% of profits with a charity or even the club itself.

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image thumb38 Create A Hook For Anything Interesting On The Map With MapHook [Location Based App]

Location, location, that is what is everywhere on the Web, although nobody gets lost online. Ah, forget it, I think it’s not appropriate to share the story behind it here and come over to MapHook, the latest entry in the location based content sharing application.

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image thumb17 Storefront Social Makes Shopping More Social With Its Facebook Application

Social Networks have given businesses a new dimension to market their services and products, almost everyone out there is keen to utilize the social media and make dealing for merchandize, etc more interactive. Storefront Social is another one that gives retailers and merchants a more social touch for their products.

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image thumb16 Zingaya Lets Your Customers make Voice Calls From Websites: Why Need A Phone When A Browser And Microphone Does The Job!

Having a voice conversation with your clients or visitors is set to win you their loyalty. But it might not be convenient for everyone to use Skype, or any other voice mail services for numerous reasons. Zingaya is one startup that helps you resolve this issue by letting users make voice calls right from their browsers without the need to install any software.

Zingaya lets you simply embed a call button on your site and all users need is to press the Call button on the page and chat with you. The calls made are directly linked to your personal mobile number, fixed line or simply your Skype account. The service itself doesn’t involve difficult method for registration and offers three pricing models ranging from the Free that offers one widget, one line and call forwarding to Skype and calling functionality to multiple numbers. You can also opt for the standard model which costs $1 a day to advanced which costs $2 per day and offers additional features like call recording and Voice Calls.

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image thumb14 Ladies You Need To Help A Guy Out!

I am not sure how many of you would state that I have gone insane for writing about this, but HelpAGuyOut is simply a great idea. Why? I bet there are many guys out there who need help. No! I am not talking about career guidance, counseling, etc, I am talking about the most important thing for most of the guys out their: getting help on winning a lady’s heart. Crazy, but this all the help you are getting here.

The startup ensures that guys get the best tip/advise on dating, love affairs or more importantly leaving that unforgettable mark on your lady love. All this isn’t coming from a love guru or a dating expert but from the women themselves. All that you need to do is register yourself for the service, pay $2 for a tip and get a thoughtful advice from a female. Of course it offers you a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the advice you get, though I am not sure how is the quality of the advice gauged.

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image thumb13 Looking Forward To Be A Smarter Shopper? Make Sure You Swipe!

Everything continues to get more social as people are more willing to rely on social media sites and features alike. We have seen how recommendations are always welcome, even in real life when we go out to shop for anything, share what has been purchased with friends, etc. There are quite a lot of services where you can do this, Swipe is another one in the startup scene.

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image thumb6 JotPress: Making It Easier To Share Content On The Web Easier

When I talk to people and explain to them the benefits of blogging, I usually end up getting a response that it’s too big of a deal. Maintaining a site, sharing something meaningful, for which most of them aren’t going to be consistent about. In short, it’s too demanding a task and status updates on Facebook or the 140 characters on Twitter do the trick and a few others know about Posterous.

But if you are one these users and need an easy way to share photos, short stories, news, etc then give JotPress a try. The startup ensures that you get the best of any blog or website added with the facility of minimum maintenance. Its free, secure, because it shares whatever content you wish to share on the Web. All this sharing is done by simply emailing the content to your JotPress and it is there on your profile for the people to see.

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