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Now there are quite a lot of password management software for your desktop, but what if you are traveling without your machine? That’s where web based managers come into play and while there are many, Mitto joins the ranks as another startup in the league. The service works quite simply, just signup for an account and add sites that you need to be password protected. Once you do that is done Mitto asks you to enter your credentials to enable one click login, removing the need for you to enter your credentials time and again. Sounds pretty interesting and the features are pretty useful, as you can share accounts by granting access to your trusted friends and family members.

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image thumb57 Sprouter is Twitter for Entrepreneurs

Twitter is growing exponentially and it has brought about a change at how we share and collaborate online. Now Twitter isn’t specific, but many others are jumping in to create a Twitter for numerous categories, as in making the concept more specific. Sprouter is another startup that is by a lot of functions similar to Twitter and it is dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs from around the globe to step in , expand their social network and collaborate on a global level. Now my comparison of it with Twitter should in no way burst its bubble for it is definitely filtering out the whole lot from Twitter and focusing on Entrepreneurs alone, which is good given that entrepreneurship is seeing a surge all across the globe. I just think this might go ahead and become one of the favorite destinations for entrepreneurs out there.

image thumb56 Afford a cheaper trainer at WorkoutBOX and lose some weight

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? Everyone, oh of course people other than me who sit around on the chair thinking of where they can get some good tips on how to lose it super quick. I mean I run a lot, but it takes ages to lose the bulk and which is exactly why I think WorkoutBOX might be of some use. The startup offers its users step by step workouts along with training videos so you can get the maximum benefits out of the time you put in to lose weight. And the best part, it is cheap compared to actually going ahead to have a personal trainer for this; I mean you definitely wont get one for $1.5 a week, will you?

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image thumb55 Rdio makes another key hire: Wilson Miner.. I just hope it lives up to all the hype

I thought it was just the Skype, Joost, Kazaa founders that jumped over to bring Rdio, the online music startup, I was wrong. The startup is building itself up on the leading tech people out there. The latest recruit is Wilson Miner who is not only a web developer and designer but an entrepreneur as well. He has quite some feathers in his cap; a couple of which include the redesign of Apple.com into what it is now along with being the co-founder and lead designer of EveryBlock. I just wonder if Rdio actually lives up to the expectation one has given the team it has, it will be phenomenal if it turns out to be a success story like Skype. Just hope so.

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image thumb29 Nimbuzz launches NimbuzzOut so you make cheaper International Calls!

VoIP calls for free is what Nimbuzz has its eyes set at. The mobile operator has announced the launch of NimbuzzOut which will offer users international calls at very cheap rates. Users can buy credits for this right from the home page and get to save 95% on what they would actually end up paying for international calls on the mobile. NimbuzzOut is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Symbian mobiles with plans to come out for other platforms as well by years end and will utilize the 3G and WiFi for making calls around the globe. Quite an impressive move and I guess with more people looking forward to cheaper methods of communicating, this will definitely bear fruits for Nimbuzz.

image thumb27 Rise from the Grave DotBlu!.. Only if it you call it TownHog!

I dislike it when companies change names every now and then. Why? Are they superstitious that a particular name is cursed or something? DotBlu made me ask all this, once again, as it has done so for the third time all the way from BlueBet to DotBlu and now to TownHog. What’s interesting here is that the service had given up on all hopes and was confirmed dead last month but not anymore as it rises from the dead branded as TownHog. The working changes as it make a shift from being a betting platform. TownHog works simply as it features a deal in almost every city on a daily basis and you can recruit buyers from numerous social networks like Facebook and Twitter or even using the email. Sounds fun enough and we hope that this is the last time it goes about changing the name or ending up in a grave.

image thumb24 While Skype spins off, its founders jump to Music Startup: Rdio

If you had one successful startup under your belt that has been fought for hard by a giant then you have every reason to jump and try new things. Skype founders, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström are putting their years of experience to push another startup: Rdio. Rdio is a digital music startup waiting for its launch and has quite a team to make it successful enough; including Carter Adamson the former GM of desktop products at Skype. The startup is still in the shadows and there isn’t much on it. I just hope it is able to perform as impressively as Skype.

image thumb76 PaintBox offers its easy to use Management Platform, Startup Meme Readers get Free single user account

The idea of Software as a Service has got quite a lot of air as more and more services step in to provide management and other services online. PaintBox is another startup working on the SaaS model, providing users with a platform to effectively manage customer relations and knowledge assets. It provides you a one stop solution to your needs associated to office work, from managing contacts, projects and products to maintaining documents and orders. The interface is quite simple to use but pretty effective and I guess a 45 day trial would definitely be enough to have you using it for a longer time to come. So if you are looking for an easy to use management system then PaintBox is definitely going to be a favorite for you.

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image thumb69 Listhings makes note taking easy and Very Environment Friendly!

Wasting paper is so being unfriendly with the environment but we just can’t stop wasting it one way or the other. be it taking notes in a meeting or just jotting down the to dos, there is not a moment when a paper is not wasted. The startup LisThings is concerned about the same and it wants to make the task of creating lists easy and more readily shareable. Simply signup for an account and you are given a board for you to place notes and jot down pointers and store them online. What else could be more environment friendly then this? I mean you are aware that you taking notes on small things yet no paper is wasted and more importantly it is the easiest way to do it!