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New York, NY (June 27, 2012) – CapsulePen, a new kind of pill case and the brainchild of Joseph Cote (serial entrepreneur and former founder of Dance.com), hit Kickstarter (video here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1967168209/capsulepen?ref=live ) on May 9. With only 4 days left in the campaign which ends on July 2nd, over $15,000 has already been raised to bring this product to market. The pill container industry is getting turned up-side down by this new form factor. CapsulePen is a pill box shaped like a pen; and helps people to take pills as needed, which is a significant challenge in the health industry in general, and for the elderly or chronically ill in particular.

The CapsulePen is the first pill container that arranges pills lengthwise in a tubular container shaped like a pen. The pen fits virtually all pill sizes, and they are loaded in reverse of the the order they are to be taken. A clip ensures easy fastening inside pockets, and magnetized end caps make it easy to place the CapsulePen within eyesight in a kitchen, bathroom or office. Its hexagonal body plus the magnetized ends allows for seven CapsulePens to fit perfectly together in a weekly bundle, for easy, secure portability. CapsulePen users can pre-load a full week’s worth of medication, ready to be taken on time, every time.

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Chatwing logo good2 300x59 Chatwing: Expanding the Horizons of Blogging and Internet MarketingIn a world filled with quick information jetting unstoppably, it is crucial to be flexible. There are thousands of ways on how to handle information, and they can be overwhelming for the average individual. However, people who are exposed to the Internet are already prepared to enter the chaotic but profitable world of blogging and internet marketing.

Blogging and internet marketing must coexist with one another. Old-fashioned good content is still required nowadays, but marketing is the leverage. If you are new in the blogging industry, better keep in mind that marketing is ace. You cannot move forward without the simplest aspects of marketing. Luckily, you don’t have to be overwhelmed when it comes to the premise of marketing. I will recommend a very useful program that can grant you an edge in the sea of online competition. This program, by all means, is a chat box that goes by the name of Chatwing.

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business swagger  West vs East Coast Business Swagger

If the contrasting cultures of the sports teams is any indication, the West Coast and East Coast have business cultures that seem much more suited to the battlefield than to any sort of cooperation.

The laid back West Coast business culture of jeans and stylish shirts seems unequipped for any type of real organization, but their dress and mannerisms may be a cover for handling the extremely delicate and high profile dealings of the entertainment business.

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image thumb F*CK! Hideous Sites Still Exist In 2012!

You know it when you get such requests and pitches. I personally hate the idea of startups putting up pitches and being so ridiculous! I mean you have an idea, want to help people, solve a problem but please, with all due respect invest some time in making your Website look pleasant instead of some unattended piece of garbage can. Especially when you want to be considered for a review.

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image thumb10 Project Management Made Easy With Teamwork Live!

We have been taking a break with posting at Engine021. Guess it’s time we put our act together and begun sharing interesting stories and more importantly talk about Web Startups. It is interesting how I had a discussion on business model generation, pitching your startup idea and more importantly about how teams need to be better collaborate. The collaboration factor is absolutely important as it impacts efficiency and the overall outcome of the progress. This brings me to Teamwork Live, a web startup that helps team collaborate better.

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image thumb5 Startup: Grouperly Lets You Socialize With People Sharing Similar Interests

We at Startup Meme are always up with promoting new startups. Given the bulk of submissions we get it makes our job interestingly difficult. Anyway today we are showcasing Grouperly, a web startup that helps you connect with real people sharing common passions.

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image thumb3 Startup: Shphoonkle Is Your Free Legal Marketplace

Shpoonkle is an international legal reverse auction free site and is quickly becoming a global leader in centralizing a free legal marketplace. Our company offers a wide range of services designed to empower people through Shpoonkle – aiming at aiding attorneys and clients, any time, any place, and on any device. Shpoonkle is not a referral service. The services on the site are currently free to both Attorneys and Clients.

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image thumb2 Startup: RTBot Gives You Access To All Real Time Information

RTBot (Real Time Bot) is a Real-time information service, where you can enter a topic title and instantly get related digital contents from multiple sources (e.g. Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Books, Newspapers, Magazines) all at once.

In Short, you can access the freshest information and multimedia content about almost any subject, person, place or event in one single place. Have a look at it, it would surely interest you. RTBot aims to be a global top reference site, enriching the way people research, explore, learn, discover and monitor their topics of interest.

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Startup flees to Seattle

image thumb Startup flees to Seattle

Entrepreneurs who participate in online retail should pay close attention to the recent relocation of Shopobot from San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA. Amid rising concerns about online taxation, this Internet-based shopping company has relocated to the more financially stable city of Seattle, WA. It doesn’t take an MBAdegree to know that the current economic crisis has affected companies’ sales, but now, online-based companies are unsure as to how online business will be taxed in the future. This has resulted in many companies relocating to different cities across the United States.

The economic crisis has left state governments short of funds, and they have begun to view the taxation of online sales as a source of potential revenue. This position is being encouraged by big-box stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target. These companies have long resented the perceived cost advantage that online retailers gain from not having to pay local taxes. In California, a law was passed in June that attempts to force large online retailers such as Amazon tocollectsalestaxonpurchasesfromCaliforniaresidents. In response to this new law, Amazon quickly exited the California market by dropping over 10,000 affiliated businesses from their roster.

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Jobs 365,000 New Jobs In UK– Google Predictions. Can Be 10 Times Higher In Developing Nations

If someone tells an opportunist that investing in something would result in over 100 new jobs daily, would entice him to hear more and be ready to invest. Especially if that idea is all about co-creation, collaboration and involves least possible investment from a unified body. That’s what the Internet can do, mentioned Phillip Schindler, London based vice-president of Google. Well actually the Internet has been doing exactly that in the last 5 years, maybe not hundreds of jobs daily but it has definitely opened up more doors to the youngsters and almost single handedly spread the word of entrepreneurship far and wide, so much that even the guy who has no idea of what that means, somehow knows what it refers to. Paradox? Maybe, but I couldn’t put it better than this.

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