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image thumb35 Groupboard: Chat And Draw In Real Time With A Free Multi User Whiteboard On iPhone, Android And iPad

Groupboard is a multi-user whiteboard that lets you draw and chat in real-time with other users over the internet. The startup has been around for quite a while starting back in 1998 as the first online whiteboard. But there has been a constant change and evolution, primarily for the fact that the way we use the Internet has evolved and changed drastically.

he word Internet is more about mobility and it is for this very reason that Groupboard has recently released Android and iOS app versions of Groupboard, allowing users on a web browser to draw together in real-time with users on mobile devices. That means you have the option to utilize the same on the numerous HTC devices, Samsung, etc as well as taking advantage of the Groupboard on your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad as well. Read More »

I have attended many lectures half asleep back in the university days and I can bet that many others have done the same. The reason is plain and simple, the classes were boring. Of course no one wants music or dancing around but teachers need to make the classrooms and lectures more engaging. How?

image thumb51 Top Hat Monocle Ensures You Keep Your Students Engaged In Classroom

I seriously don’t need to tell how this can be done provided the numerous tools available for all of us to use. Top Hat Monocle is one such startup that provides a tool for instructors to use in the classroom to make lectures more engaging for students. The platform let’s them conduct polls, quizzes, and interactive demonstrations in class.With Top Hat Monocle lets students can participate using pretty much any device they have, for example their smartphones; iPhone, iPad, iPod, or laptop. This creates an extremely engaging learning environment for the students that aren’t limited by outdated “clicker” hardware. It would be perfect for colleges such as Indiana Wesleyan University.

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image thumb48 Cubic Literals: A One Stop Destination For Students And Graduates Seeking Free Lance Jobs

What is one thing that a student or a fresh graduate want? A decent job or an effective way to utilize time at hand to earn some money. Freelance opportunities is definitely the top priority as you aren’t bound to give a 24/7 of your time and secondly it serves as a good second to make money. And I guess with all the boom in online opportunities this has become quite a norm. You can blog, you can do programming, create websites and what not. But the issue is where and how to find one? I am not sure about all the options but Cubic Literals is a startup where talented students or graduates can find and avail a free lance opportunity.

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image thumb35 TeamLab: A Business Collaboration Platform To Help Employees Organize Business Tasks BetterTeamLab is a web-based project management and business collaboration platform. The startup has been created with the intention to help employees keep abreast with company news, discussions, etc. You can actively participate in the discussions on company policies or upcoming projects.

TeamLab features 3 modules, through which it intends to help employees. These include:

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image thumb15 Sympoz: Your Online e Learning Startup

Sympoz is the startup that amalgamates the the expertise of the real people and the most essential elements of traditional learning with the accessibility and universality of the Internet. The idea is to expand classrooms and learning opportunities beyond the walled confines of a classroom and make learning available for everyone.

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image thumb11 LucidChart: Put Your Ideas For The World To See With This Online Collaboration Tool

LucidChart is a web-based diagramming and flowcharting application/startup. Because it is built on web standards like HTML5 and Javascript, it can be easily accessed and used from any device with a browser, even the iPad or a mobile phone.  LucidChart can be used to create flowcharts, network diagrams, UML diagrams, website wireframes, iPhone mockups and many other types of diagrams. In addition, LucidChart supports real-time collaboration which enables many users to work together on a document simultaneously. This is ideal for teams that are dispersed geographically, or for a client-facing business to collaborate on and present materials to clients.

LucidChart’s goal is simply to make the diagramming experience fast and easy for end-users. While desktop programs are traditionally expensive with licenses starting at hundreds of dollars, LucidChart offers a wide range of price options to fit every customer’s needs. These plans start from a free option for individual, infrequent users to a robust, collaborative version for large teams where LucidChart is a part of their everyday workflow. Because LucidChart believes it’s important for users to have maximum flexibility, there is even a free demo available on the website that does not require any registration or login—allowing potential users to try out the product before signing up.

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image thumb88 Rank Meme: Twitter Based Startup Helps You Make Informed Decisions About Products

It has been ages when I last wrote about a Twitter based product. Of course counting the mobile apps and the most recent coverage on the Official Twitter App for Windows Phone 7. Here today I will be talking about Rank Meme, a Twitter based product ranking system.

So what is it about? First up, we are all aware of how the Internet is helping everyone make informed decisions based on the massive amount of information it has on almost everything you want to know about. Rank Meme does exactly the same by keeping you updated on market trends for numerous products in various categories. To cut it short, if you are into Mobile Phones and wondering what is the best smartphone to spend your money on then head over to Rank Meme and you might see the most voted for mobile phone with maximum tweets.

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image thumb5 Google Buys Touchscreen Keyboard Startup, BlindType

I have said it before, Google has the habit of acquiring anything idea it likes and it is available for the purchase. The most recent acquisition of BlindType. BlindType has an interesting concept with an equally impressive execution as the startup enables you to type on your touch screens without the need to look at them by removing the need to view the onscreen keyboard to do so.

The technology analyzes the touch of your fingers anywhere on the screen and based on the positions of each tap determines the alphabets you were typing. The app or the software isn’t yet available but expect that coming soon enough to your Android Phone. I would personally love to have this app as I have great difficulty typing the right words on that small keypad.

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image thumb71 Google Continues With Its Social Strategy Buys Schedule Management Startup, Plannr

If there’s an idea or startup that Google likes and it’s available for a buyout Google will purchase it. The latest reports are of Google has acquired Schedule Management Startup, Plannr [as per reports]. The startup focuses at knitting friends in groups to enable sending alerts on events to multiple friends, more like a group messaging service but with plans to integrate more features. Plannr isn’t that old and was launched a couple of months back.

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stirthemix WLDQ Logo thumb Become A Part OF The Longest Drink Quiz On Drinks Network: StirTheMixHave a group that shares a similar interest? Rally them in and make a social network, I am not trying to pull down anyone but it’s interesting to how everyone is trying to bring groups together. The latest in the arena is StirTheMix, a social network dedicated to those who love drinks, of any sort.

So what is is about? The network lets you discover and share drinks, be it beer, wine, spirits, etc. You name it they have it and all you liquor enthusiasts will find it interesting to discover the various types of drinks across the globe/ Each drink is given a title deed which can be treated as a bottle label. You can also share messages and connect with others sharing your passion, something which you do on Twitter, etc. On the site itself you can see the trending topics, find a drink on the social network, take quizzes and better still view photographs of numerous brands posted by members of the network.

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