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Logo Adzine Adzine, A Pakistani Startup Experimenting With Whats Already In The BoxAdzine is a new startup based in Pakistan focused on a more traditional business of Print Ads, however the founders have taken this initiative primarily as a study and have plans on taking a Digital Route with their Startup. We think it is quite logical for them to experiment with something that’s already in the box before attempting a new approach, especially in a market that is still adopting (fast) to the startup culture. Following is an interview with the Co-Founder, Khurram Salahuddin Khan:

Q.1  Who are you and what’s your background?

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image thumb F*CK! Hideous Sites Still Exist In 2012!

You know it when you get such requests and pitches. I personally hate the idea of startups putting up pitches and being so ridiculous! I mean you have an idea, want to help people, solve a problem but please, with all due respect invest some time in making your Website look pleasant instead of some unattended piece of garbage can. Especially when you want to be considered for a review.

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image thumb8 Collabor8Online Is About Taking Project Management Online

Who needs to continue with traditional methods of communication within organizations when the cloud has made things more efficient and effective? Well no one other than those who don’t value productivity. There are a lot of tools on the web that help make project management and collaboration easy, for example Nutshell that I personally use at work, but we thought its always good to add more variety. Collabor8online, is another Web Startup in the same category to help your team be more productive.

What Makes Project Management Better With Collabor8Online?

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image thumb FileFriend Is Your Online File Manager

FileFriend is the perfect combination of Facebook, DropBox and Google+. It serves as a helping hand in collecting and organizing your favorite files that you have stored in the virtual spaces (Cloud that is). Call it your personal assistant taking care of all the items you have scattered all over the cloud, FileFriend is something many would like to have.

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image thumb21 Where To Find An Odd Job? Try Zaloot–Startup SundaySearches like Where to find the right job? Jobs for Engineers, Jobs for bloggers, etc. Those are searches for usually the most qualified and highly competed as there are a hundred [if not thousand] others ready to offer themselves for it. The problem gets bigger when someone wants to find an odd job to make that ever needed hourly wage in the spare time. I mean think of all the foreign students who have their summers and they need to find ways to meet their expenses of the few odd hours they are allowed to work each week. Jobs exist, but n way to find it. No more, as Zaloot comes as your odd job engine.

This means, you as a job seeker gets to find a Job to make quick money for all the spare time you have. The same goes for the employees, they can post a job, select a bidder and avail a good deal.

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image thumb9 Add More Personality To Your Website With SunumaxWebsites have a lot of information that many users make use of. Our blog for example is one of the countless that exist, sharing information on latest startups and technology to tips on iPhone, Android, etc. But all this is only to be read, think of the site speaking to you, reading out instructions and information, in short grabbing user attention. I wont mind having a spokesperson on a website telling me about the special features a site has or what is the best news on a particular blog. I would be triggered to click on it for sure and who else wont be? Think of going to a super store and not finding anyone to help you out? Or a bank where there is no one to provide a lost customer guidance? I bet this will lead to losing a potential customer.

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image thumb45 myBantu: Leave Recommendations To Your Personal AssistantPersonal assistants are not affordable for every one out there. I mean I can’t afford that, to manage my chores, help me find out the right things or news from the bulk available so I don’t waste time filtering the same. This is exactly what many of those social recommendation startups have kept in mind. Perhaps the single most useful thing that social networks and the Web 2.0 has given us. We thought it was time to bring forth a similar startup on this week’s Startup Sunday, bet our readers would love to have one of their own. The startup comes from India.

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image thumb25 SaleLocator: What’s On Sale Now In Local Stores?

SaleLocator is a new local shopping search engine and iPhone app that brings local retail sales information to consumers. The startup plans to step in the arena as one of the largest collection of in-store sale information, SaleLocator helps bargain hunters find the best ongoing sales near them by showcasing local brick-and-mortar sales in all US markets, from the smallest towns to the biggest cities.

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image thumb20 Off The Quad Launches Exclusive New Social Experience Powered by TrendsttrToday, Off the Quad (www.offthequad.com), a digital marketing startup for the college demographic based out of Boulder, Colorado, announced the relaunch of Off The Quad Inc., the launch of Trendsttr and a new Facebook-only experience for its community. Now, on top of going to classes, doing homework and all the other “boring” stuff, students have access to the exciting things they simply can’t miss around their college town. Off The Quad helps students discover events, places and products they didn’t know about, giving them an effortless way to see the best-of happenings around them. The new Facebook experience will create a community exclusive to those students with the most social influence on campus. Read More »

image thumb22 Promote And Win Products Using Social Media Auction With LikeBids

LikeBids is the first social media auction startup that allows users to win the products they love by promoting them to their friends via social media networks. It provides users a unique gaming experience, users get the chance to win prizes & discounts just by telling their friends about them. LikeBids has replaced currency with social media collateral with likes and tweets. For participating auction companies, LikeBids creates the missing bridge between e-commerce and social media marketing: providing a powerful incentive to get social media users actively promoting brands. Read More »