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Music on Facebook facebook music drum kit ShopTab Facebook Set To Launch Its Own Music Service In September

We might be in for a kick and a shake as the largest social network, aka Facebook is set to make waves with what could be its very own Music Service. Improvements, improvements all the way and Facebook for sure is speeding up to be the most dominant force on the Web.

The reports come in from CNBC that predict the date for the launch of the Service on September 22, this is the same time when the social network will also be hosting the f8 Developers conference. The reports have been in round for quite a long time, beginning with what could have been Facebook’s partnership with leading music streaming service, Spotify. Apparently that didn’t happen, but we had sniffed the interest of Facebook in the same and it was only a matter of time before it would materialize into something real.

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image thumb108 Spotify Gets An Update, Gets Hooked To Social Evil Of Facebook And Still For Europe Only

While Spotify continues to keep itself locked in Europe it isn’t keeping itself away from making improvements. The latest release of the desktop client for the cloud based music service. This would enable users to better manage their music online and more importantly integrate better social sharing features.

The more mentionable feature is Library, this would enable a much improved import features to help you integrate your music with Spotify. Other features include:

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image thumb3 Spotify Spots and Pockets new CTO

Spotify is making all the moves as it hired Oskar Stål as its new CTO. The site had been for ages in the private beta version. And the news is the new CTO is pretty savvy with the mobile devices and with the mobile making great improvements and with platforms spreading hard and fast with the coming of better smartphones running powerful OS like the Symbian and the Android, Spotify has been doing good too as it has released apps for both the OS as well. And I guess the winner here is definitely the Symbian OS, given it powers a large portion of mobile market, which should be more than just a mouthful for a service that started off with less than half a dozen people and today it stands proud as one of the major players in the music streaming genre. I guess there is a whole lot more to do in the coming years, lets see where it stands by next year’s end.

image thumb90 Out comes Spotify for the Symbian based mobiles

Music Service, Spotify is making all the right news at the right time as it continues to expand, much faster. This started with the service’s first music app for the iPhone and it is now stepping in to the Symbian based devices. Sad part, that only a few countries in Europe will have access to more than 6 million songs, sorry US, you are are still in the countries to be list. With this out, users will be able to play Spotify on devices such as the E71, Sony Ericsson Satio to name a few. The application can be downloaded here.

image thumb27 Spotify is finally there for Android and iPhone.. Only for Subscribers

After all the wait Spotify has at last come to the iPhone and Android devices, though presently it’s for subscribers alone. The bad news is that it is yet to launch in the US, where I guess it will do a lot, given that it has already rocketed in European Markets. The app would enable users to play the entire Spotify list offline and I bet those in the US are more than just eager to have the app coming to the region, given the fact that a lot of investment has gone from labels in the country. The app can be downloaded: App Store and Android Market.

image thumb136 Things are all good for Spotify.. making Universal Music more money (Makes it even more interesting for Facebook?

Facebook eyeing to acquire Spotify or lets say Mark Zuckerberg finds it good enough, all makes sense as reports hurl in that Spotify is churning cash for Universal Music. Now that isn’t about the globe but in Sweden alone. Makes even more sense as such progress will only arouse Facebook’s interest in acquiring the music streaming service since the social network is keen to make huge jumps in Europe too. Let’s just keep the possibilities of Facebook acquiring Spotify aside, there is another major part that needs to be underlined; iTunes. Apple will be a bit worried over this as Universal Music will definitely go on for what makes its more money and validates Spotify’s model, iTunes will have quit a hill to climb. Whatever be the case, things seem to be very bright for Spotify.

image thumb128 Facebook to acquire Spotify?

Facebook acquired FriendFeed and MySpace reciprocated with the acquisition of iLike and I though we were even. But Facebook isn’t happy and the social networking giant has its eyes set on another music service; Spotify. What makes this worthy? Well Mark Zuckerberg’s status message. However the social network had shown interest in the European music portal but that message sort of cements all our ideas. I am not sure when this is happening as Spotify has yet to launch in Europe. Anyone with the inside story?

image thumb98 Spotify got its Android App: Droidify.. sadly it didn’t last long

Music Streaming service Spotify is making in roads to the Android platform with Droidify. The app is an unofficial one as it has been developed by its die hard fans and lets you search, create playlists and listen to the countless songs it has for the users. The app would have definitely done good but under agreement, Spotify has asked the app to be taken down. Well, you can’t really do anything given the agencies who are always ready to fire a lawsuit on anything that is close to illegal music distribution. To the contrary, I still think the app needs to be there for the Android based devices and it can really fare well.

funding thumb1 Spotify has its spots set at raising close to $50 Million in funding

SpinVox isn’t the only lucky one out there to bag funds as Spotify comes close to raising an even healthier round. The streaming music app has raised close to $33 Million in its current round of funding and reports state that its overall investment could be climb to $50 Million. We have no confirmation on the investors but its highly likely that the funds came in from Hong Kong based investor, Li Ka Shing Foundation and Wellington Partners.

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