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image thumb26 Sony PlayStation Network Reportedly Under Attack The Third Time, But All’s Safe!Call it a nightmare for the Sony PlayStation Network or a curse that it is desperately trying to rid itself of, but there has been a third attempt on the Sony PlayStation Network which has failed. Good news for Sony, as it can’t afford losing out on this and appear the least secure. thus losing credibility. Read More »

image thumb1 iPhone 5 Will Have 8MP Camera And Sony Might Help With It

The Tsunami and the earthquake in Japan has had its impact on everything, especially on the countless lives that have been lost. That remains a very ugly part of the disaster reports are coming in that one of Sony’s factory has been affected by the same. And it was reportedly making sensors for the next generation of the iPhone, iPhone 5 that is.

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image thumb20 Geohot Vows To hack The Sony Xperia Play; The PlayStation Phone

There is a new story building up with Geohot and his growing pleasure in hacking or jailbreaking any and every Sony Device. Sony is still hurt with Geohot successfully jailbreaking its Sony PlayStation 3 which forced Sony to file lawsuit against him. But that isn’t stopping him is it?

Geohot recently voiced his interest or rather vowing to be the first one to jailbreak the Sony Xperia Play aka the PSP Phone or Sony PlayStation Phone. The idea? Well it isn’t just about showing how vulnerable gadgets are but to enable full utilization of the gadget’s hardware.

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image thumb48 Geohot Jailbreak Of PlayStation 3 Gets A Blow As US Court Grants Restraining Order To Sony PlayStation 3

Remember the earlier report on Geohot trying to break even with Sony and breaking his jailbreaking habits to the PlayStation 3 and being sued by Sony? Well here is an update on the news.

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image thumb32 Sony PlayStation Phone To Be Announced Next Week

Recall all the rumors on the Sony PlayStation Phone? Well here is one more to add to the chest as reports state that Sony might unveil the next version of its PlayStation Portable on January 27. We are well aware that this new version of the Sony PSP will be gaming smartphone.

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I totally missed this one out. George Hotz or commonly known as Geohot who is known for his iPhone jailbreak and exploits like Limera1n, etc has been sued by Sony Corporation.

image thumb24 Geohot Sued By Sony For Jailbreaking PlayStation 3

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image thumb19 The Sony PlayStation Phone Zeus Z1 On Android Gingerbread Hands On [Video]

The Android phones have done remarkably well. At least for one biggest reason that they the Google Mobile OS is not confined to a particular handset or a carrier much like the Apple iPhone. We have been hearing now and then about an all new Android phone from Sony Ericsson. The best bit about the gadget is that Sony is merging its mobile with the PlayStation to bring us the PlayStation Phone. And these are no longer rumors.

The device will come powered by the latest Android version called the Gingerbread. And will feature the Sony PlayStation Portable like keys. The PlayStation Phone is called the Zeus Z1 and with so many videos being leaked now and then, I am sure we will be having this in the markets by early January or maybe by Christmas.

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image thumb71 Xbox Lives Comes To Windows Phone 7: Will It Compete Well With PSP Phone And the iPhone?

So it isn’t just Sony gearing up to bolster the Xperia X10 with power gaming by combining it with PSP [or something] to challenge iPhone 4 supremacy as a powerful gaming device. Reports today state that Microsoft is doing the same with it Windows Phone 7. Of course they aren’t putting the entire Xbox 360, but those of you who are fans of both Windows Mobiles and the Xbox be prepared to embrace Xbox Live on your Windows powered devices. Talk about a whole new dimension to mobile gaming shaping up pretty quickly.

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If my memory aids me right, we talked about a possible Sony putting together a mobile gaming device by integrating the PSP with Ericsson’s Xperia X10. Well that may or may not be true but Sony is definitely after Apple. To put it more appropriately, after the iPhone. Don’t believe it? Watch Sony pulling on the iPhone with its latest PSP ad.

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image thumb40 Sony Makes PlayTV Social – Adds Facebook Link

Sony is coming out with an update for its PlayTV, the device it released earlier coming super cheap with Sony’s 250 GB PS3 console. The device let users record a show while they played games or watched a movie on their Blu-Ray. It wasn’t something great and had a few glitches associated to recording and quality but with a very low price attached, it was quite useful to have with a purchase of PS3.

The update would bring to PlayTV what we love talking about the most: add social networking capability by making it easier for you to link to Facebook. I am not sure how far would this come along to actually entice users to grab the device but for PS3 fanboys, this one will be one more feature to give them a reason to stay glued to the console. I am not sure if this update would let you record your social networking activity as it does with recording record programs on channels. I haven’t tried the device out and have no idea how good it actually is in terms of quality recording but be sure to have a high capacity hard disk to prevent running out of disk space. Forget it if you own a 40GB console and are miser enough to not upgrade it.

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