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image thumb7 IBM Dominates The Tech Service Industry.. Right, But For How Long?

IBM as a whole as had its ups and downs, but when in need of some good, reliable tech support it’s hard to match what they got going on in that arena. While Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others will continue to dominate the personal computer software market, places like IBM have become an industry standard for computer service as a whole. And I guess they will continue to enjoy this dominance as long as computing exists.

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image thumb6 How To Unlock HTC Phones

For those who find it impossible to push themselves to the limit by fearing unlocking their smartphone devices continue with a bulky preloaded carrier software. Which to be honest is useless [in my opinion], takes up a lot of your mobile storage and should be the first thing to get rid of. But if you happen to have bricked your device attempting the same, you refrain from following the best and guaranteed of procedures and step by step guides. I know I would if I were to go through this.

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image thumb5 Jailbreak Or Unlock iPhone With Ease!Getting to Jailbreak your iPhone are perhaps the most essential searches performed on any search engine. And lets be honest, they almost definitely get you a good number of hits. The only problem is with being unsure of what resource to rely on for all Jailbreak tips and how tos.

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image thumb57 Unlocked HTC Phones Will Be Flooding Markets

If you want to make it big amongst your consumers you need to listen to your community. I have always been surprised as to why would HTC power its mobiles with the open sourced Android operating system and yet prevent users from making changes in the software itself. The sense UI, etc, which often makes going hardcore of your smartphone a bit difficult.

However things are changing as Peter Chou, mentioned that HTC will be changing the Bootloader on HTC. He stated on the Facebook page:

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image thumb23 Free Software Giveaway: Subscribe To Startup Meme And Get Licenses For WinX DVD Converter For Windows And Mac!

There is nothing like a giveaway, especially when it’s a handy tool or a software. Good news for Startup Meme readers that we have one for you as well. We are giving away a copies of WinX software to 140 licenses of the software.

So what is it that you have to do? Simply subscribe to the RSS of Startup Meme, become a fan of Startup Meme on Facebook or simpler still follow @smohkim on Twitter and send me a message to avail this opportunity.

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image thumb137 Photo Album Maker Giveaway Worth $50 On Facebook: Download Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory For Free [Limited Time Offer Starting August 27]

Who doesn’t want to get their hands on Free items? I guess everyone, especially if it’s a software that is being away for no cost. I am talking about the Wondershare’s Flash Gallery Factory Standard being given away for free, with the offer starting from August 27 and ending on August 30. The best part? Well after this period the software would cost you a lot, $49.95. This offer is specifically held on the Wondershare Facebook page where they will be giving it away for free.

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image thumb90 Startup: Audiggle Lets You Listen, Explore And Identify Music From Your Desktop [Tool]

I listen to songs almost every time I am writing these posts. But it gets a bit irritating at times when I am not able to tell the artist’s name or to put it simply; recognize what music is being played. You have music recognition services for the mobile devices like the iPhone app from Shazam but the desktops lack one such app, don’t they? Welcome Audiggle, a startup that is dedicated to providing you with a software that helps you know what music you are playing with its desktop app.

The best part is that you can use the software and avoid the trouble of searching for artist’s and music information on Google. I seriously have huge issues and most of the times give up on digging out details on music. You don’t have to close yourself up to play a track, perhaps you hear soundtrack of Brave Heart, or watching a YouTube where the background music allures your ears, Audiggle has details on any music from any source.

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image thumb23 LangOver: Makes Language Toggle Easy

I use Windows Live Writer for writing these posts and I am rarely disappointed, to be honest, I rarely am. But I just with it had some auto spell correct or at least the automated upper/lowercase option. I mean it just take a lot of time to do correct it. Anyways that would remain for time to come. But for those who have trouble with the keyboard typos and are sick of typing something and the result being unacceptable they can try LangOver.

The software is free for use and you can start using it. It removes the need for punching excessive keys on the keyboard and re-typing all those words again. Plus it lets you toggle between languages too, if you have support for multiple languages on your system by simply assigning a Hot Key from the options. The software is definitely going to be very helpful for those who are always pulling their hair while they type, but for those like me, it serves little purpose.

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Catalyst Development Corporation that provides market components for software developers has released another useful product: ChoiceAnalyst. It provides developers an affordable decision making software that helps them make important decisions associated to businesses and keeping them a step ahead. The idea is to make sure whatever decision a business takes or plans to prove beneficial in the market by assisting the limited quantitative limits that human minds are barred with. Some of the ways in which it can be helpful include:

image thumb35 TC50 Showcase: Yext launches Yext Calls for local businesses

The TC50 Event is in full sway and like last year it is giving the startups a platform to surface. Local business search engine, Yext has taken the opportunity to launch Yext Calls. The software would enable businesses to keep a organize and keep a check on incoming calls, this is done by analyzing the conversation that took place. The idea is to improve search within a conversation by analyzing key words during the length and browsing across them at any point. For example if you search for a keyword like a price list for an item, it will detect where the keyword had occurred. Plus it also detects if there was an appointment made through out the duration of the conversation. This is helpful for businesses as it lets business owners know what call best matches their business and they can vote it up or down based on relevance. Sounds impressive as it automates the accuracy of the search engine added with the benefits it brings to the businesses in a locality.