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image thumb76 While Skeptic Are Cynical Of Facebook’s Confusing Policies, The Social Network Closes In On 500 Million Visitors [a month]

Yesterday was eventful in every way. We heard our ‘dear’ Mark Zuckerberg talk about making Social the default on the Web, extending the social network to almost everyone and everyone across the Web by introducing the concept of web wide like, putting forward the Community pages to have people talk about brands, etc. We also saw how Microsoft cleverly married Docs.com with the social network. There was too much happening at the f8 and too many questions and speculations regarding the future of Web, especially Facebook.

As I wrote in an earlier post about a friend who thought that the social network would lose its credibility and be overtaken by some other simpler network that isn’t always changing and creating confusion about privacy. Well forget it, there is no privacy online and you lost it the day you signed up for something as essential and secure as your email ID. With that stated, Facebook won’t die or lose its users, the social network is expanding, exponentially and in the last one year alone it appears to have boomed like Big Bang. Some interesting Facts in a nutshell:

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image thumb23 Why China Would Be A Stone Wall For Facebook..

China, the minute I say the name it appears quite clear that anyone on the Web who plans to have a presence there has to go through loads of trouble. I mean we are all aware of the country’s strict policies and absolute control over information on the Web. Facebook as of now is planning something along the lines too, the social network already has a Facebook.cn domain registered to its name for almost 3 years now and there isn’t much beyond that.

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Do You Facebook 24/7?

image thumb27 Do You Facebook 24/7?

Are you one of those who is found socializing even when you are on bed all set to sleep? Well you can’t really blame anyone except for the advancing technology and the massive strides in the social networking scene, primarily Twitter and Facebook. I would agree with this without a doubt, I mean I personally stick around updating my status on either of the social networks thanks to the smartphones so many of us are equipped with.

As per the current reports, as many as 48% of the 1,000 people in a study agreed that they do check their social networks even when they have decided to shut down their systems and call in a day. The study results were quite, well disturbing to be honest, especially the figures that as many as 7% of users wont mind not being intimate with their lovers to check a status update. Now the percentage maybe small, but if anyone can quit that for social network, that too only a status update, quitting sleep isn’t that big an ask.

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image thumb26 QR Codes Coming Soon To Facebook, Maybe With Location Sharing Next Month

Facebook  is up with a bit of experimentation as the social network rolls out QR codes as part of its location features. The idea is to use these codes in line with its mobile app or more importantly as means of checking in on stores and affiliate businesses. QR is for quick responses and lately had been in test across a few select profiles but I guess it will be coming for everyone along with the location feature it plans to launch next month at the Facebook f8 conference.

The QR is primarily a bar code we often see on devices these days and can be read by a camera in your mobile phone. If I am not wrong here it appears more of FourSquare and Gowalla coming together under Facebook. The winning aspect for Facebook however is that the social network has more than 400 Million users and that is something the mentioned two networks can never reach.

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image thumb15 Facebook To Bring Location Features Soon

Wow! Facebook is heading over to location based features and will be introducing these in the coming month. This would enable users to add their location with friends on the social network, letting your network know where you are. These features would also enable the developer community to leverage users sharing their location and design related activities and apps for more location centered user experience.

I know many would be pissed and create a havoc on why is the social network using their location to design apps as bait. But cry as you may, the social network had already included that in their Terms of Service, when the TOS created a lot of controversy last year. Whether you enjoy these new features or not, you have already agreed to let the social network use these, if you happen to be using the social network.

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image thumb11 Facebook Campaign Pulls Down Ticket Price For Metallica Concert In Israel

Now this one definitely pulls the value of Metallica’s concert down but it has got their fans thanking Facebook. Apparently the fans of the band in Israel used Facebook to launch a campaign to boycott the soaring prices for their concert scheduled for May 22, 2010. The actual  price of the ticket was put at $159, but the power of the crowd has got it to half the price to around $80.

This was obvious, the band which people actually worship when it comes to metal genre is visiting the state after their last tour in 1999. Now would you ever think of missing that just because you can’t pay the price. The group started off with 600 followers and in less than 4 days has amassed over 6,000 users. Now this definitely is a good news for the fans in Israel as well as for the tour, given that the cost is now halved, it means that more people will be making it to the concert. Jam packed to be precise is what it should be and will make it worth the campaign.

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image thumb10 Leveraging Farmville And The Likes – Not a Bad Idea To Amass Fans On Your Page

Now when your fans increase from 1 to 5 it isn’t worth talking about anything but if a single step of yours pushes you from 100,000 to 500,000, it’s worth every word I write. Microsoft has surged overnight from having 100,000 followers to 500,000. What was their magic spell? Give those Farmville addicts currency in exchange of becoming a fan of Bing on its Facebook fan page.

The killer idea was that they enticed users to join in without actually having to leave their game and become fans of Bing. The trouble is who exactly is becoming a fan there? I mean you can have all sorts of people joining in for a bribe of the ever important Facebook Credits or some worthless virtual currency. The purpose here was primarily to make Bing the default search engine choice when it comes to finding tips for the game. How stupid. I mean wouldn’t it be easier for users to figure those out on blogs or with the friends who are busy engaged in the game as well?

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image thumb7 Facebook Promote Facebook Mobile… Big Time

The social network is really heading on to maximize its growing influence. The social networks now wants to make sure that you end up using the Facebook mobile version if you do leave the social network on the Web. Well the social network has been used far and wide the many smartphone devices like the iPhone, Android phones, etc but it hasn’t really been able to give a great experience. I only enjoyed using Facebook on the Nokia N97 [you can read the phone’s review here].

As of now the login page now has a huge mobile phone image and the link takes you to a new page where you are provided many options to ease using Facebook via mobile devices. The release provides you with the ease of updating  your Facebook status via text messages, you already had this option but the social network has made these option more prominent now. Other than that you also have the options like having a customized email for the social network that you can use to upload videos, photos, etc to your Facebook profile. Once you are signed up and click on the link to have an upload email, the social network would generate you one which you can use to share content right from your email client.

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image thumb3 Soldier’s Facebook Update Saved West Bank Village From An Israeli Strike

Facebook or any news associated on a given day would never cease to ridicule you. There have been many reports that have been categorized as bizarre all the way to funny and today we hear that certain activity on the social network had Israel rolling back its strike. Apparently Israel was planning to launch an attack on a small West Bank village, but thank to a soldier it never happened as he shared certain details online. Thanks soldier you did save some precious innocent lives!

Let me connect this to the news yesterday when the US Department of Defense pulled off its ban on letting Marines use the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Didn’t I say that this would very well fall back in the ban mode and this is exactly why I thought so. The soldier was carried away with the rush of blood and enthusiasm about sharing the clean sweep of the village, sharing the time and exact location. Of course that was just a silly mistake on his part but it cost him dearly as he was court martialed and put in prison for ten days, I feel sorry for him but to be honest he did a job. Why? Well I can bet that the forces would have killed a countless innocent people just to get rid of a few bad folks.

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image thumb2 Department Of Defense Gets Easy On Soldiers: Allows Excess to Facebook And Other Social Networks

Alright I am surprised here. How come the US department of Defense allow Marines to use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. That’s great for the armed division given that much free Football players aren’t allowed to use the social networks even now. Does this mean that soccer players have much important secrets that those in the armed forces? Of course not!

I recall that these sites had been blocked for the armed personnel a couple of years back but that wasn’t made an official rule. That is of course the reason why it has been lifted and the soldiers been allowed to use these platforms. Now this doesn’t mean that the network is open to all and more importantly for all times to come as the DOD can put the ban up any time it has to. I personally don’t see the reason why they would want to keep a ban on any social activity, given the fact that they literally own all activity that these soldiers far and away do online? They have blocked all access to any porn site on their network and I bet keeping an eye on every individuals activity there wont be any big a trouble for them. In the meantime the soldiers can kill their loneliness while the ban isn’t there and feel a bit closer to their loved ones in some distant corner of the world.

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