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image thumb55 Poll: Why Do You Use Social Media?

I have been attending quite a lot of meeting lately and it is interesting how much everyone is inclined to talk and learn about social media. I just managed to ask a few of them the purpose they use the social networks for and responses were quite amazing. Of course I wasn’t near a system to create a poll there and then but many of them had opinions of using them for connecting with friends and businesses.

I am not sure what actually they meant when they said business since almost each one of them was not representing any brand or product. But many of them actually owned blogs that they updated on and off and web pages on which they needed hits. Most probably they intended to turn those into useful revenue sources. But the primary purpose still remains connecting with friends and sharing photos and videos. I mean that was what they were meant to be used for initially. I just thought about having conducting a poll at LinkedIn to see the responses of others on the Web.

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image thumb101 Coca Cola In Full Swing To Use Facebook For Philanthropy And Brand Promotion

If you are a brand trying to capture a good amount of air time to market your name, be philanthropic and utilize the power of social media, know that all this can be done. The example is Coca-Cola that has plans to to integrate ads, philanthropic work with Social media and the tool is Facebook for the socializing purpose. Both the beverage manufacturer and Facebook have shook hands to add more social aspect to the campaign as Coca-Cola will have two ads during the Super Bowl XLIV on CBS on February 7.

The Fan page is all about philanthropy and carries the slogan of Live Positively enabling fans to send virtual gifts to their friends and families. Each gift sent would provide $1 to the Boys and Girls Club of America through out the campaign. This campaign will be running alongside the commercials the traditional television commercials though out the period till the date. The whole thing is in connection with Coca-Cola’s motto of doing a little good while refreshing people.

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image thumb88 Joe Wilson Takes The State Of The Union To Facebook. Does This Mean More Jobs For Social Media Experts?

There goes another one all Live on Facebook. First it was Lily being shown giving live birth and a fanpage for her all the way and today Congressman Joe Wilson has decided that he will rather use the social network to deliver his live response to President Obama’s Address on the State of the Union.

The decision has put aside the otherwise powerful YouTube platform which has in the past being the preferred platform for anything that was about going live on the Web. The video platform from Google was always in the eyes of campaigners all around the globe and was the default choice, but those days are gone for now. Everyone sees the power of Facebook and the multiple purposes it fills for the users. In talks to CNN, Wilson’s spokesman stated:

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image thumb58 Australia’s Griffith University includes Twitter as part of Curriculum! Will more followers ensure a better grade?

It was only a matter of time before it had to happen, or at least begin happening. Australia’s Griffith University thinks its quite important to have Twitter as part of its curriculum for journalism. We have seen the importance of Twitter when it comes to breaking news, we saw it with the Earthquakes and the Elections, when everything else couldn’t provide us with information. This isn’t just Twitter, there has been a growing emphasis on the need for prospective employees to be well versed with Social Media, which shows that it is no more just about connecting with people but also about sharing information and news globally. I am happy to read this, primarily because i emphasis a lot on making more out of Twitter than just tweeting.

image thumb52 MySpace expands Twitter Syncing, adds six more countries

MySpace has been busy syncing itself with Twitter and  it appears to have accelerated the process as it added half a dozen more countries. The service has been extended to Canada, India, New Zealand, UK, Australia and Ireland and users can visit the page here to sign up for the service. It has also got many celebrities syncing the two services, perhaps to win more users but the move itself is very positive. I would love to have stats on how many syncs have been performed so far and when exactly is MySpace planning to go global with this?

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