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image thumb72 Facebook Facts And Figures: Pictures Do Say A Million Words

It is always a pleasure to not write much, especially when you have a quality info-graphic present to do all the explanation. I mean it’s not just easy for me as a blogger but for readers as well, at least some of who get sick of reading words after words. The Website Monitoring today has eased the task by releasing some facts on Facebook;  Facebook: Facts and Figures.

The picture below puts neatly the story of Facebook from its inception back in the dorms of Harvard University all the way to amassing over 500 Million users. I just wonder if anyone back then, even Mark Zuckerberg would have thought of the social network growing this big. Did you?

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image thumb20 Facebook Continues Its Win Win Road Run As Advertisers Boost Ad Spending

Everyone has eyes on a large market that attracts people in large numbers and more importantly keeps them engaged or glued to. The same rule applies online when services grow massive and advertisers are ready to flood investments in these services or destinations. The example is Facebook, which only recently cross the half a billion user mark and has attracted investments in bulk from its advertisers.

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image thumb19 Facebook.Me Goes To Facebook – Should We Be Prepared For The F log?

Remember the FB.Me saga that was supposed to be a Tumblr look alike? Well that project might still have some life to it as Facebook grabbed the Facebook.me domain from Amjad Abbas, an individual based in the United Arab Emirates.

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Have you heard fairy tales from your grandparents about the gargantuan monsters in Greek Mythology or the ferocious genies from the Aesop Fables? How they were always hungry for more human flesh? How they allured them with fantasies? Well Facebook is the modern giant, drawing you deeper into the social networking frenzy, which you so hate but can’t help being a regular part of. I am not wrong, the numbers say it all, 500 Million users as of today and the social network is still hungry.

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image thumb24 The Missing Majority On The Web: Is Complex Technology Putting Barriers To Make People Look Beyond The Read Only Medium?

Something remarkable happened on the Web during the last few years. Initially the Web was like a spectator sport where millions of us sat around the stadium and watched the creation of a small number of people. That picture started changing a few years ago when a large number of us got off our seats and walked into the playing field. We were not passive spectators any more, and quickly realized while it is enjoyable to watch the game, it is lot more fun to play it too. Today many of us actively change the Web almost every day by writing blogs, commenting on them, exchanging notes through Facebook and Twitter, posting our photographs and videos, writing product reviews, or simply by voting on something. What was strictly a read-only medium became a read-write medium. What was a passive activity became an active one. The growth of Web 2.0 has been phenomenal and spectacular.

During all this time the number of people on the web has been growing steadily. According to internetworldstats.com, the number of web users across the world is 1.7 billion in 2010, and Facebook, by far the most popular social media site, have nearly 500 million users. Therefore, the percentage of web users who are on Facebook is about 29%. The web metrics company Alexa also estimates that 34% of all web users are on Facebook. This is a jaw-dropping number, and far exceeds any other social media site, including Twitter, which enjoys less than 7% of all Web users (see Alexa graph).

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image thumb17 Storefront Social Makes Shopping More Social With Its Facebook Application

Social Networks have given businesses a new dimension to market their services and products, almost everyone out there is keen to utilize the social media and make dealing for merchandize, etc more interactive. Storefront Social is another one that gives retailers and merchants a more social touch for their products.

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image thumb13 Looking Forward To Be A Smarter Shopper? Make Sure You Swipe!

Everything continues to get more social as people are more willing to rely on social media sites and features alike. We have seen how recommendations are always welcome, even in real life when we go out to shop for anything, share what has been purchased with friends, etc. There are quite a lot of services where you can do this, Swipe is another one in the startup scene.

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It appears that we will be seeing a further expansion of the Facebook Like button with the coming of MailChimp version 5.2. The new version, which is supposed to be released in the next week will include support for the plugin to be integrated within email campaigns. So what is this going to do? What ever does online: share your subscription to your Facebook profile if you do like it.

That behavior would help MailChimp keep a better track on the campaign and at the same time become a part of the social media monitoring. I know it sounds super cool for the promoters and campaign managers as we have already seen so much benefits it has brought to everyone around. Firstly it’s easy to get along with, you like a page, just press the button and there it goes to your profile and appearing as an activity on your friends’ news feeds. That brings in loads of referrals to any site and shift that over to emails, you have a viral campaign catching fire on Facebook.

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image thumb17 The Censorship Stronger In China As FourSquare Got Blocked Over Tiananmen Anniversary

While back in Pakistan, I was busy with the Cyclone threat from Phet that had been building up, China found itself blocking yet another website. This time it is the ever growing Foursquare and the reason for the block is Tiananmen Square.

The ban was initiated on June 4 as the the country was set to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the event when 3,000 protesters, which included students were massacred by the Chinese government. According to the law in the communist state, it is forbidden to discuss about the incident in the country and the Internet is to obey the same rules. The censoring of the site is not a new one, given that even Google obeyed the country’s law and kept search results in strict compliance to the government. Even access to Twitter was blocked last year for the same reasons.

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image thumb16 Mark Zuckerberg And The Facebook Insignia…. Innocence, Cult Or Illuminati For Real?

That is Mark Zuckerberg’s new insignia, something he had been hiding under that hood of his and tell me if it reminds you of anything or bears resemblance to? Illuminati? Well I don’t see much of a difference and honestly it would give Facebook haters and those who are against the cult a chance to create a brouhaha about.

Of course there are other explanations to it and the best possible one is that it explains the latest development in Facebook, especially after the f8 conference. It fully explains Facebook’s strategy of bringing the entire online community around Facebook as it opens up the social networking site to others, even going beyond to leaking user data [for any reason] to advertizing networks like Google and Yahoo.

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