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The year 2010 is coming to an end and everyone has a different approach on how they close the year. Twitter in the social media space just released a new site altogether; Year in Review to showcase what has been happening on Twitter throughout 2010.

image thumb46 Twitter 2010: The Year In Review

I am not going to call it a micro messaging service for I simply consider it to be undermining the true potential of the tool, albeit that’s what it is at the core. I recall hating it and avoiding it at all costs and finally getting more than just addicted to it. The site will be updated in the days to come, in the meanwhile you can definitely visit another one which showcases the New folks who joined Twitter.

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image thumb29 Facebook Redesign Out  Here’s How You Can Get One

Yesterday we shared a big news on the redesign of the Facebook profile when Mark Zuckerberg made appearance on the 60 minutes show. I was wondering what this redesign is going to be like and if we will see a backlash. Yeah, expect that just like it has happened in the past as users have taken time to adjust to the social network’s redesign attempts and even complained a lot.

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image thumb27 Facebook going for a New Design, might have it Live by Tomorrow

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has surprised us a bit with his appearance on 60 Minutes. The best bit is the young billionaire disclosed the exclusive preview of the new design of the social network.

The new profile, home page design is only shown a glimpse in Mark Zuckerberg’s interview on the show. The screenshot is after the jump and you can view the interview clip here.

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image thumb23 Twitter Gearing Up To Buy TwitterSearch.com… To Prevent Confusion Perhaps?

When you get big you think big and beyond the present. Everything starts appearing important and essential to your goals and with the giants on the Internet, especially in the social media arena, the idea of grabbing related domains is an everyday business.

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image thumb2 HeyKiki: Connect With Teachers And Learners With The New Social Startup

Earlier yesterday I mentioned in my post on Busuu about how the Internet has made life easier for all of us. Especially for those of us who are always looking forward to learn teach or simply practice their respective talents. While there is already a bulk of such websites we have an all new startup; Heykiki a New York City based web startup.

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When was the last time you heard your mom scream at you yelling Facebook is a waste of time or living your life on Twitter is the last thing a sane person would do? I bet almost always and if that is so, she is an exception. Using social media is becoming a norm, even for the saner, older group as they prefer calling themselves.

Well that’s changing as the new Facebook user is your elder citizen. That includes your mom, aunt and even grandma. That’s exactly what we have to share with the infograph, interestingly 14,775,620 seniors of the 133,925,380 users in the US alone. I guess I would just leave you to go through the graph to get a better picture.

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image thumb141 Create Your Own Twitter Magazine With MyTweetMag [Startup] Update

Who doesn’t want a magazine by their name? Was difficult, next to impossible for everyone to do so a decade back, but it has changed dramatically in the last few years. With services like Facebook, Google Buzz and Twitter in specific have made loads of content available for everyone to share. MyTweetMag takes that sharing a step further and lets you become an editor yourself. How?

MyTweetMag lets you take control over the information overload, by letting you categorize all those tweets in a manner that best fits your need. Lets say you love anything about Web Startups, but your timeline is flooded with so many tweets that most of your startup tweets get lost. With MyTweetmag, you can resolve that issue by: Read More »

image thumb105 Infographic: The Business Behind Facebook

There is nothing better than having a picture doing all the explanation. The image below gives a pretty good summary of the Facebook story and is quite similar to the one we shared earlier this week.

I must admit, I had no clue on the number of servers Facebook has, but 60,000 is quite a lot. Of course it’s dwarfed by the 450,000 servers that Google has. But lets not get into comparison and see the picture:

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image thumb99 Essential Tips For Bloggers: 5 Things A Blogger Must Avoid

Experience is the best teacher, I firmly believe that but we have heard an old saying that says a wise person is one who learns from mistakes made by others. I have had trouble in my blogging career, troubles of all sorts. From befriending friends on Twitter, to making a decent Facebook page that engages the right people with the right stuff, all the way to actually writing a post. I just thought I would share what I have learned in this post hoping it helps others and more importantly if others can share tips with us at Startup Meme.

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image thumb85 Facebook Like Button Revamped: Ensures The Like Remains Liked And Not Unliked

Facebook is making updates, of course other than stripping of employee names from payroll of those who hand over resignation. The current update comes to the Facebook Like button and my first say; it looks more visible.

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