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like us on facebook button1 300x114 Facebook Relaxes Rules For On Page Competitions: Big News For Brands And BusinessSaves the hassle associated to creating custom tabs on pages to run competition, especially those that required users to only comment or like to participate. We are talking about quick turn around time, leveraging key events on the go and removing the need to spend time exploring what new app to use. Thank you Facebook for being a bit lenient with the introduction of the change in policy.

Facebook rolled out an update on the Page terms and conditions to enable businesses and brands to readily conduct quick promotions. There are however some restrictions associated to using native Facebook functionality to conduct any such competitions or promotions. These include: Read More »

image thumb5 Startup: Grouperly Lets You Socialize With People Sharing Similar Interests

We at Startup Meme are always up with promoting new startups. Given the bulk of submissions we get it makes our job interestingly difficult. Anyway today we are showcasing Grouperly, a web startup that helps you connect with real people sharing common passions.

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Just when we needed this. A break from all Apple news and something more interesting to look forward, the Avengers teaser has made it out and it is already firing up the Internet. The movie is set to be released sometime in early May 2012 to rock cinemas with the multi super-hero caste.

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screen shot 2011 09 28 at 10 06 31 pm Is Facebook Charging To Be The Future Spartan?

Facebook only recently announced the Timeline a feature that many are hating only to love later and while we have been reporting about Facebook and the iOS 5 integration, something broke out. Facebook is planning to be all ancient, in the name only. The social network had its Project Spartan circling the blogosphere as the new app for the iOS devices. Of course the iPhone and the iPad.

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image thumb31 Facebook TimeLine And How To Get It (Video Tutorial)

The F8 conference was fun, especially reading all the comments that people had and the continuous giggling of Mark Zuckerberg. Though I totally understand why he giggled throughout the conference repeating every word and feature at least half a dozen times, but he has given us (at least myself) a timeline that I sort of enjoy. Maybe momentarily, but something I look forward to enjoying the most.

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Looking forward to participate in the ongoing Facebook F8 Developers conference we have brought it right to the heart of Startup Meme. You can enjoy it right here and leave comments, while we watch it ourselves and share your thoughts as well.

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image thumb27 This Why Having Unhappy Ghost Writers On Twitter Can Hurt Bad!

Good, rather great things come in small packages. And the news of Mark Davidson on Twitter is a great one, especially when you are looking for something to make you laugh. Many would have fallen head over heels seeing the 55K followers he has and how many times he has been listed, plus that bio that claims him to be Internet Marketing guru. Until now.

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Tips 5 Ways to Stay Alive And Visible Online

Invisible sounds great when you talk about the Fantastic Four and the likes. But when it comes to a product, brand or simply your Blog, invisibility is one super power you wouldn’t enjoy having. There has been a massive migration to gain maximum visibility online, leverage that offline and have more eyes learning about your product or service. I mean look at us, we would do anything to create noise on any platform to ensure our words are visible to more, even if it involves commenting on blogs that belong to our competitors. Without visibility, your site may as well be worthless as it won’t be gaining the attention needed to be profitable.

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12 Facebook App For iPhone Comes With A Major Update

There has been an update to the Facebook app for the iPhone, officially. The Facebook 3.5 brings with it a new design for the Profile Page and the Group Walls and the changes are in sync with those that have been made on the main site for the social network. While that’s just for the design bit, there are some additional and more useful features that come with it.

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image thumb1 Create Facebook Pages At Ease With Hy.ly–Startup SundayIf you don’t have a Facebook presence, you don’t have much say the wise experts. Err, sorry that was my own but I am sure it’s quite a solid need for any firm out there. And when we talk about organizations, groups or institutions, a Facebook Page is more important to get the word out and share whatever is it that you do. Be it your blog on latest fashion, trends or a service, a Facebook page speaks a thousands words. Am I mixing sayings for my own purpose?

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