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image thumb96 Israeli Firm Brings The Timeless Rummikub To Facebook

Rummikub is quite popular, at least amongst those in my family and most probably with others around the globe too. Given it sells over 3 million units globally. And I guess with the advent of social games across social networking sites like Facebook have got these timeless classics coming over to the Web. Today, an Israel based firm P-Karma have rolled out Rummikub Application for the Facebook.

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image thumb59 Zynga Continues To Get Bigger And Stronger; Hires Former Facebook, MySpace Exec,Owen Van Natta

There has been quite a lot happening at Zynga, the social gaming giant has grown phenomenally, almost as exponentially as Facebook itself. I don’t mean it has got the same number of users but has definitely grabbed attention. From the Russian DST all the way to Google, who might actually partner with it to boost its own social network aka Facebook Killer. Today Zynga got hold of a pretty experienced individual Owen Van Natta; former facebook Chief Revenue Officer and the CEO of MySpace.

He had been the advisor at Zynga and will also be joining the company’s Board of Directors. Other that that his tasks at Zynga will be to manage business operations which include corporate development, marketing and communications. Van Natta enjoys the reputation of being the top guys in the tech industry and has overseen growth of several startups, a reason big enough for Zynga to fish him.

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image thumb43 Zynga Growing Strong, Eyes To Become The Google OF Games

We will be Google or maybe “We are Google”, such statements coming Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga won’t surprise me now and they won’t surprise me in the future. The social game developer has been more than just successful in the past one year. If I am not wrong, it has grown as exponentially as the social network, Facebook bagging in funds in bulk and pocketing revenue from foreign investors, the major being DST from Russia.

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image thumb35 Farmville Infests Markets Across The US With Farmville Cash! God Save Us!

Good God save us from the craziness of the virtual activity coming over into real lives. Who would have thought that our attempts to make the virtual world adopt things from real life would actually turn around and in fact influence reality? I am being skeptic? I don’t mind it, but Farmville is trying exactly that – teaming with Green Giant to bring Farmville Cash to around 4,000 stores across the US. Bah! Humbug!

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image thumb31 Can Environment Friendly Games Be As Addictive? Oceanopolis Comes To Facebook

While the world is worrying about the BP oil spill and the damage control to be undertaken, Greenopolis is bringing environment friendliness to the social media with Oceanopolis. The app / game is designed for Facebook and will be launched in beta before making a full release in the next month or so.

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image thumb31 Zynga Might Actually Wave Goodbye To Facebook

Facebook and Zynga have a history together. Zynga giving the social network addictive games like Mafia Wars and Farmville and attracting the Russian Investor DST [$180 Million]; to inject massive funds in both itself and Facebook. The couple appeared to be made for each other until now, when rumors are dripping out about Zynga and Facebook heading on for a divorce.

Zynga has given the social network users a reason to keep themselves glued to its games with a series of some-Ville named games and that contribution wasn’t small. As of now, Farmville alone has more than 83 Million users who are very active and that doesn’t count those who are playing Mafia Wars, Petville, etc. The games weren’t only about playing, together with Facebook we were seeing implementation of quite new ideas, like Credits that enabled users to purchase gifts with real money and trade them for numerous items within the game. While all appeared good, I am just surprised what actually made Zynga take a break away?

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image thumb126 Be Prepared To Get Scholarly Updates From Book Lovers As Kindle Adds Facebook And Twitter

Hey we all need to be social! And so do devices, rather devices need to have more social features/applications if they are to be any useful for the consumer. Am I wrong? Just tell me if iPhone or the HTC Hero had no social app or support for networks like Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc would you still love these devices? Just a thought and there is nothing of the sort shaping up.

Today Amazon, got a step further with its eBook reader, the Kindle by adding more social features. Users will now be be able to make full use of the social media services with a free update. This would enable you to update your status on Facebook and even Twitter right from the device. I welcome the move big time, though I feel the Kindle would soon be eaten up by the iPad.

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CropperCapture59 thumb More Social Games For Facebook Soon! This Time From Garriott’s Portalarium

Gaming on social networking sites has definitely got big, especially when they are for Facebook. Games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc from Zynga and Playfish have earned quite a reputation and encouraged more and more to develop games for the Social Web. The latest entry is from Richard Garriott, who has had his work and passion shifting from being an NCsoft designer to being an astronaut and now to the beginning of Portalarium.

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CropperCapture24 thumb Snowboard Your Time On Facebook With Go Big From HP, Best Buy Rossignol And Intel

Everyone will join Facebook, because everyone else is. You will because all your friends are there on the  social networking platform and brands will because the competitors are jumping in. However there is another way they are making use of the social network’s gaming to make it big. The latest move comes with major players namely; HP, Best Buy, Rossignol and Intel collaborating to bring Go Big a new gaming app for Facebook.

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image thumb20 Gaming On Facebook Will Get Even Better As EA Plans To Bring Madden NFL To It

It was only last week when we reported that Sid Meier’s Civilization, the famed strategy game on PCs was set to step onto the Facebook platform in June. Today, Peter Moore announced the coming of Madden NFL to Facebook. The reason to do so? Well everyone is jumping on the Facebook wagon, why not EA with a few games in its armory?

Madden NFL has been big in the gaming market with over 60 million games sold globally. Now I am not sure as to what exactly did Peter mean when he stated that he wants to give gamers a simpler experience. I personally think by simpler experience he meant a much wider reach of the game utilizing the social network’s platform. Other than this, another question I have in mind is as to who will be doing the game’s development? I am not sure if EA is going to get its team head on with it, and most probably it will head over to some existing leader in game development on Facebook. Playfish is more likely to take the game away given that there were already talks of Playfish having something from EA.

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