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Social Commerce – Why Now?

image thumb79 Social Commerce – Why Now?

The guest post has been written by Henry Wong, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Adgregate Markets, Inc. Adgregate Market took another step forward towards social commerce as they announced a closer integration of ShopFans platform with Facebook.

Web 2.0 was just the beginning of the shift from the rigid “destination web,” where content was isolated in discrete websites, to a “distributed web” where content is now consumed across the web. While this phenomenon is firmly underway in the case of content, the distribution of commerce is just beginning.

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image thumb63 Adgregate Markets Steps Up Social Shopping With ShopFans For Facebook

Remember we talked about Adgregate Market? The startup that provided users with a rich and interactive way to shop online, right from finding a product to its purchase right within the Ad itself. You can read about it here and its ShopAds platform. The latest news is that the platform is launching ShopFans, the first of its kind ecommerce solution that is right within Facebook framework. This would prove to be very beneficial, primarily because:

  • It makes shopping more social
  • Users can make purchases right from Facebook platform without needing to jump to the Store’s site.
  • The services of privacy juggernauts:  McAfee and TRUSTe ensure you are secure.

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