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image thumb9 Here’s How To Add Contact Photo In iPhone Text Messages: Use ChatPic [For Jailbreak Only]

It is always fun to have images jumping next to text messages from your contacts, makes it a bit more interactive in my opinion. That’s not a possibility though, not my on Android or on the iPhone. However those with a jailbroken iPhone can readily enable this via ChatPic, a new jailbreak tweak.

ChatPic enables you to view images of your contact next to the text message. This of course requires your contact to have a picture associated, it does sync with Facebook photos to make this easy. Don’t be surprised if you aren’t able to see the apps’ icon on the home-screen since it is integrated in the iPhone settings and can be enabled right from settings.

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image thumb48 Twitter Reactivates SMS Service In Jordan, Kuwait And Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

After putting a ban on its SMS service in numerous countries back 2008 and early 2009, Twitter appears to be restarting its service country by country. The lucky country to get back the service now is Jordan as our fellow blogger Gaith reports at ArabCrunch. The ban was placed back in 2008.

The service appears to have been enabled with a possible collaboration between Twitter and Zain, the largest mobile operator in the Arab region. Other countries including Kuwait [Zain] and Saudi Arabia [with STC] have also been given access to the text messaging service. I haven’t seen or tried this personally but from the screenshot and the report it is confirmed that the service has been reactivated.

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image thumb118 Zynga Barks Back: Kill Popup Notifications Facebook And We Will Switch To SMS!

Facebook is taking steps to reduce certain things that make Apps on its platform a huge success. We reported one of them earlier as the social network rolled out new rules for Popup on Feed Forms. All this as said previously, will have its toll on the app traffics and I bet larger app developers are going to look for alternative ways to promote themselves and send notifications across as many channels as they can. Welcome Zynga that has been hugely popular with its winner app: Farmville and is now taking the steps for the same.

The social gaming developer today tested SMS notification to users. Meaning that users are being sent notifications from the social network right to their mobile devices. This has been rolled out primarily for the Mafia Wars and all this sums up to be a very good strategy from Zynga, which means it has to rely even less on Facebook. This is quite a bit of a break given that both Zynga and Facebook have been doing a lot for each other, not to mention that they have a common investor, Russian firm DST which has invested heavily in both Zynga (worth $180 Million) and Facebook lately. To be honest, this helps Zynga to be more independent on its own instead of relying so heavily on Facebook for all the promotion via notifications across the social network’s platform, etc.

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