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image thumb33 Startup Sunday: Gangaroo–Because Friends Dont Let Friends Buy JunkHave you found a great product lately that you’re just dying to tell your friends about?  Or, do you need help picking out a new product?  Gangaroo is a fun site where you share and discover your favorite products with your trusted friends; whether it’s your favorite iPhone apps, sporting goods or cooking tools. We all have friends that are experts in something.  Think of your buddy that’s a camera expert.  Gangaroo lets you leverage your friends’ experiences when you need the information and you want advice from a trusted expert.  As a bonus, if your friend happens to have some cool products lying around, you may be able to borrow or buy something for a good price. Read More »

image thumb26 BidHere: MacBook Air For $97? BidHere Ensures You Pay Exactly That!

The first thing that comes in my mind when I think of buying a product is finding the cheapest deal out there. You might call me a miser but everyone has a right to save some bucks, which is why bidding sites are always in demand. You might already be having loads of destinations promising you the best deals but BidHere appears interesting by all means.

BidHere is a startup focused at giving online shoppers a pay per bid auction site. You can purchase bids as credits and the site offers a wide variety of products for everyone, be it a DSLR Camera, a MacBook Air or a set of software, you name it BidHere has it. The idea is to ensure that each bidder or shopper gets the product for the cheapest price, often getting it for a whopping 90 percent off the retail price. The bids cost you $0.60 per bid and every new user gets 5 bids for free, the site is all about your convenience, letting you place bids directly on the BidHere website or simply sending a text message. Each bid placed raises the price of the product by a mere 2 cents with each bid having a duration of 2 minutes. So if you are the last one who bid for a MacBook Air at the end of 2 minutes, you are the one who gets the product for whatever the last price is [it can be as low as $100!].

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image thumb13 Looking Forward To Be A Smarter Shopper? Make Sure You Swipe!

Everything continues to get more social as people are more willing to rely on social media sites and features alike. We have seen how recommendations are always welcome, even in real life when we go out to shop for anything, share what has been purchased with friends, etc. There are quite a lot of services where you can do this, Swipe is another one in the startup scene.

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image thumb36 Merchant Answers Service from IMshopping boosts Rainbow Appliance Conversion Rate to 17%

Online shopping assistance and community platform for retailers, IMshopping gets some boost from Rainbow Appliance as it introduced a 17% conversion rate for its Merchant Answers Service. Rainbow Appliance previously focused on phone support for customers but as it happens, the support teams end up answering the same questions time and again. This is exactly why they extended hands to IMshopping’s Merchant Answers which lets customers to ask any and every shopping related questions using the widget. The idea was to provide customers an answer from a proper shopping guide, giving each a personal reply. This proved more than just fruitful as the service had more than 17% customers into sales. This makes Rainbow Appliances the 26th retailer to be using IMshopping’s Merchant Answers. The recommendation can be directly added to the retailer sites enabling customers to directly ask questions using the sites or Twitter and giving them a personalized shopping experience.