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homepage print thumb Microsoft: "This is Bing! Our latest attempt to take Search by Storm!" (Screenshots)

Microsoft has finally raised curtains on Bing, it’s latest attempt to make a mark on search market. Microsoft will make an official release on June 3 and from the screenshots, it appears pretty vibrant with a slideshow of interesting photographs that run in the background. Microsoft calls Bing/Kumo or Kiev, the name designated to its current release is more of a decision engine that assists people, though I don’t quite see the reason how it makes Bing different from Google, or Yahoo, etc. However the release tries to explain how it can be different. Lets say you perform a search, Bing would provide you results based on best match, better links, a preview window that would expand as you hover past a result, so that you don’t have to waste a click to discover it isn’t exactly what you were looking for. I am not sure where Bing ends up in the search market, but for the time being lets just give Microsoft a thumbs up for spending a $100 million at this latest initiative.

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image thumb89 Yahoo and its Tale of confusion: To Sell or not to Sell and what to buy?

More often every news associated to Yahoo sounds more like a tale of a kingdom in the ancient past that has lost its position of glory and continues its struggle to rise up again. Yahoo is doing exactly that or at least trying to sound focused at winning back what it has lost. Carol Bartz, Yahoo’s current CEO did the same yesterday, stating that she is open to initiate (a billionth time in less than a year) the talks of a search deal with Microsoft. What’s her condition? Only if Microsoft or any other interested party is ready to pay a sky high amount in cash. I will rather take the term Boatload of money as she stated as it defines what was actually running in her mind. I appreciate her determination; which is to pull Yahoo out of fire that continues to melt away its execs and putting a halt to many of its entities.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo have what each needs. Microsoft has got all the cash Yahoo needs and Yahoo has the data which Microsoft badly needs to make a break through of some sort with its desperate moves to compete Google in Search. But chances of a home run over a full buyout are still slim (I am avoiding being pessimistic here).

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image thumb80 From Live to Kumo/Bing and $100 million in marketing..Microsoft continues its struggle to compete with Google in Search

Now when I hear about Microsoft trying one thing or the other in order to stand and compete Google in Search, I just laugh it off. They have tried bribing users with Cash backs for using Live Search and now they are trying to put the rebranding of Live.com into reality. The name taken for the project was Kumo (a codename for the time being), which in Japanese means a cloud or spider. Rightly chose, I can bet it’s going to remain cloud-ed or spider-ed by the overwhelming presence of Google. The search engine has been given a name, Bing  and is definitely not an update to Live.com. Bing will be released within a couple of days, but what actually triggered me to write another post on this was MG Siegler’s report of a leaked Bing logo and Microsoft spending as much as a $100 million on it marketing campaign. That isn’t actually a logo, rather a favicon that be a part of the logo itself.

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microsoft Live Search and Cashback; what exactly is Microsoft thinking?

Loyalty? Greedy people? What else does Microsoft cashback need to decorate its new service with nothing but bogus.

The announcement was made by the outgoing Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates on advance08, where he said that the plan is to make Live Search the most rewarding commercial search destination on the Web.

Perhaps the purpose is to kill the google-mania, (keeping in view Microsoft’s failed effort to purchase Yahoo). How Microsoft manages to do that depends how much of the consumer volume Live Search generates.

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