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image thumb47 Have a great idea to give Google a new look, participate in RedesignGoogle

Google’s simplicity is what I have always loved and how quickly it provides results for the search queries. However WebMynd is holding a competition to have people give Google a different look. The competition is called RedesignGoogle and will be accepting submissions till November 1st, once the competition closes, the judges will decide the winner and will reward a MacBook Air to the lucky winner. The participants will be able to check the design out using WebMynd’s browser plugin to have a fully customized search experience.

image thumb44 Yahoo: Users will have the privilege to use alternate Search Engines on Yahoo Homepage

Users can check their mail on other providers right from their Yahoo homepage and it appears Yahoo might just try something similar with search. Meaning that it would give users the privilege to select a search engine of their choice right on the homepage. Apparently Yahoo is quite open to letting users select a search engine of their choice and not having them chained to Yahoo Search alone. Will this include Google too apart from Microsoft’s Bing? While this is a very big step and a pretty intelligent one too, but I doubt if Microsoft will be happy to let this happen given that it uses Bing’s algorithm on Yahoo sites. Lets see how this turns out to be and will this open strategy for search exclude Google.

image thumb32 Google is Real Time.. only if you have time to tweak the URL!

There is some way of making Google go real time without the need of Google launching or adding a new feature. All you need to do is tweak the parameters in the URL . When a search is performed the parameters look something like what you see below:

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image thumb30 Buildasearch launches Free On Demand Indexing Service

While Google reigns supreme in the search category, there have been numerous startups who have tried to make it big, Cuil for once. Buildasearch launched earlier this year with an objective to let users create their own sites and customize their search. It currently released a new feature that provides users with an On Demand Indexer technology with an easy to use XML API. The entire feature is web based and eliminated the need to download a software. Plus it provides the first 500 pages for free. Sounds quite useful for all those who love to have a search experience their own way.

image thumb17 Google update: A Bigger Search box

Google made an update to its search, the current one adds a bit of thickness to the search box. I hadn’t seen it happen on Firefox when the news broke forth but i noticed it changing as I browsed through. Looks more healthy compared to the dwarfed box that existed before. Although Marissa Myers has confirmed the change but you never know when things really get on at Google, meaning that it will continue to keep a check on it. But for now the box appears more visible and makes searching easier to begin with. Or should I say more visible to begin with?

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image thumb17 Microsoft is all Binging, will let users share search results with Bing and Ping

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logo facebook thumb Facebook steps into Real Time as it improves its Search service

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image thumb42 Google gives its search engine a push, puts ‘a new architecture’ for search to test

Now Google does look pretty simple from its appearance and with Bing getting all the praise for bringing a change in conventional search, the search giant has something new to offer. The team is working on a new architecture; a next generation architecture for its search engine. This can be tested here and all Google wants users to do is give feedback.  There appears to be no change in appearance but if you perform a search in the existing version and the new one, there is however a slight change in the order of the results. It’s pretty difficult to state or point out the changes in a quick test but it claims at making the search faster and much more accurate. And as it claims too, the differences will be easily noticed by power users, a.k.a developers, etc. I will be glad if one of the power users can highlight the changes they notice.

image thumb112 No Founds, no one to acquire..SearchMe takes a drive offline

While funds pour out to startups and services some fail to bag funds and SearchMe is one of them. The search startup has given up as it went offline waiting for the much needed funds that didn’t come to save it. The site is offline for now, perhaps until it gets funding or is acquired by. Sad to hear this, given that it had an app for the iPhone too which was pretty interactive, lets hope someone finds it worth spending some funds on and help bring it back online.

image thumb111 Live Updating search from Twitter makes way through a widget

Twitter is leaps and bounds ahead of FriendFeed but its search had always taken a hit as it lacked the real time update to search like FF. That changed today as Twitter released a new widget that lets you view a live stream of results in search. You can build a widget and place any query accompanied by a title and caption as well as modify its appearance. Once done you have the option to place the code on your blog, etc. I am unable to post the widget given that it causes errors, which is why you only see a photo.