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image thumb Google +1: Déjà vu! Feature leaked before Google AnnouncementGoogle seems to have some pretty sloppy partners, especially when it comes to keeping new products and features to themselves. They somehow, almost always manage to leak upcoming news and products a day or two before Google officially does so. Read More »

image thumb44 Google Social Search Now Global

What started off as an experimental venture back in 2009, Google Social Search has finally gone global, coming to more users. Social Search basically aims at helping people find more relevant information from within your social connections, ensuring the information you receive is from a circle you trust most.

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image thumb23 Twitter Gearing Up To Buy TwitterSearch.com… To Prevent Confusion Perhaps?

When you get big you think big and beyond the present. Everything starts appearing important and essential to your goals and with the giants on the Internet, especially in the social media arena, the idea of grabbing related domains is an everyday business.

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image thumb15 Google Pulls The Plug On Goog – 411 Service

Remember Goog – 411? The 911 for business listings started back in 2007. It was available for free and people could get listings on their mobile devices via SMS as well other than using voice commands to control the same. However, Google now thinks it has stretched the service long enough and its time to pull the plug.

The reason why the service was launched wasn’t really because Google wanted to be the dervish and help people out. The search giant was primarily concerned with collecting voice data to improve its Voice recognition technology. This is exactly what we see on numerous smartphones with us, primarily the Android and on the iPhone, Nokia, Windows and the BlackBerry smartphones.

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image thumb16 Facebook Bolsters Its Search, Could This Be Hard For Google To Digest?

Google isn’t the only one trying to put a challenge to Facebook by bringing in its own social network, Google.Me. Facebook has taken up the challenge and while it isn’t launching it’s standalone search engine, the social network today gave a huge boost to its search. Gulp, that would be a tough one to swallow for the search engine.

The social network began showing most liked stories as preference in search. The feature works quite simply, enter a news item in the search box on Facebook and it would recommend you links to offsite news that have been shared most often by your friends and others. I am unsure how this exactly works but based on what I observed it simply works on the amount of shares a particular link has. So a higher number of likes or shares particular page has the higher priority is given to it in recommendation.

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image thumb147 Microsoft Bing Comes To Android….. Wait! It’s Not For Non Verizon Customers!

Curse be the day when I recommend anyone to use Microsoft’s Bing. On the Android devices specifically. I have no reason why but I simply consider the very thought of Bing to be sinister. Anyhow coming to the news, Microsoft has released the Bing app coming to the Android platform and to begin with, it is only available for the Verizon customers. Talk about exclusivity!

A lot is missing as users won’t be able to get hold of the complete Binging experience. Nonetheless you will be able search images, news, get directions on maps, etc. Something which Google Maps already does with its app  but it misses out navigation via voice.  Other than that it provides a more simpler experience when it comes to searching for business around you. It’s isn’t as effective and precise compared to traditional services like Yelp, etc, but i guess that won’t be missed much. It does have Voice Search which Google had already introduced, but I am sure it wont be as swift compared to what Google has to offer.

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image thumb136 Google Real Time Search Gets Its Own Homepage And New Features

When you have a great product, you need to make it stand out and Google has done exactly that with its Real Time Search. Lets go back in time when Google launched this last year and honestly it made the search results page ugly. Thanks to all those Twitter updates stuffed between results, which proved to be more bothersome than helpful. Today the search giant has given a new page to the Real Time Search.

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So it’s confirmed, Google is testing new features on its search, the tests are about live updating search results as you type in query items. The video above has been confirmed to be of the tests conducted by multiple sources, including Google.

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image thumb26 Google Integrates ‘Visited’ And ‘Not Yet Visited’ Options In Search [Rumor?]

I am not sure if all of you have already seen this on Google, but I was tipped by my dear friend Mohammad Ali Yaqub [@calyps] on a few features he noticed on Google Search. The picture shows interesting options to enhance your search experience.

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image thumb42 Contextured Takes Social Marketing To Real Time With AdTime Campaign Management Tool

Keeping an eye on your traffic, the ads you have running on your site and the a track on clicks, specially if it’s more about pay per clicks. I for one find it a bit difficult to manage all this and a handy tool is always much needed. Contextured, a UK based startup has launched AdTime to address exactly the same need.

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