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If you thought what exactly made Apple run after Samsung and accuse it of infringing its patents, you are at the right place to have that answered. Following are a few pictures that surprisingly reveals how the Korean manufacturer had earned a bad name. And more importantly destroyed its Reputation.

If you still think Apple was wrong, think again, this is ultimate. I just wonder what new patent wars will open up with the release of the iPhone 5.

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image thumb16 Windows Next Version, Windows 8 Build Now Available For Download!

Microsoft has been ringing loud since yesterday about the Windows 8 and the great many promises it brings to the PC users. I for one have been bought all over again by Microsoft for the great new features it brings, so many that it will be almost impossible for me to write about in one post. Honestly I don’t feel like reporting about this for I am busy counting the time remaining till the download for the Windows Developer Release completes.

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image thumb59 Show Us The iPhone 5 And The iPad 3! Demands Samsung, Meh!

I think Samsung has lost it. Totally. The Korean mobile manufacturer has taken the Apple-Samsung lawsuit a step further by demanding Apple to show its next generation of the iPhone and the iPad to its lawyers. Is it forgetting that Apple keeps a very tight hold on any information getting out on the upcoming devices?

I am sure nothing is going to be shown by Apple for it thrives on suspense. But I think if apple has demanded Samsung to show its upcoming tablets and the smartphones; the Galax S2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. But what can turn against them is the fact that Apple’s demand was about the already released devices by Samsung whilst Samsung has asked Apple to reveal its yet to be announced devices. Face palm Samsung, you will have to break into Apple’s head quarters to get a hold of those.

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image thumb58 Google Nexus 3 Photos Leaked!I was thinking about getting my hands on the Google Nexus S from Samsung lately but for some odd reasons I just pulled off the idea. Lucky I did as there is solid enough rumor out about the next generation of the Google Nexus phone ready to make entry into the markets.

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image thumb21 Samsung Galaxy S II Surges Past 3 Million Pre Orders Globally

The need for faster ad more powerful mobile devices continues to rise or maybe its the manufacturers who are speeding up the manufacturing of the more powerful smartphones. The battle is between the giants like the iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia who are adamant of providing the best experience to their users and push them into a competition that’s never ending. Samsung’s Galaxy SII has made it big with the Korean manufacturer selling 120,000 units in the first 3 days, which substantial.

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image thumb15 Apple Sues Samsung For Copying iPhone: Oh Please Stop This Apple!

Samsung seems to have angered Apple in terms of copying design of the iPhone and the iPad. The allegation comes when the Samsung Galaxy’s range of mobiles was found to be pretty similar to the iPhone models. And from what I see from the picture above, it sure looks a total mimic.

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Don’t be addicted to technology. That’s what I would recommend to anyone who isn’t yet. The concept of waiting for the right device to make the purchase is a totally pointless thing to do. Why? Innovation. I guess it won’t be wrong to state that there is a new smartphone being rolled out every month. It is evident that I feel the emptiness of not having the latest Android smartphone, which is the Samsung Galaxy S2.

image thumb11 Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Phone Image And Specs Leaked

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This is big! Nexus S, the so called superior device of the present boasting the latest Android build, version 2.3 or Gingerbread is now no more the lone fighter as folks at XDA have ported Gingerbread to the much older Samsung Galaxy S. I just love it when a developer is a step ahead of the fathers of some software, kudos to you!

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image thumb31 Google Nexus S Revealed, in Markets on December 16. Features beat All Android Phones

Out is the Google Nexus One from HTC and the Nexus line of the Google Android phones. This time as we had earlier reported, it is coming from Samsung and is called the Nexus S, not quite surprised with the Samsung’s S hooked to it. The release of the device had been shoddy specially associated to be coming with Gingerbread, but as reported a couple of days back, it has finally come out on December 6.

The markets will have the Google Nexus S available on December 16, a good 9 days before Christmas to give you the right amount of time to buy it as a gift. For yourself first and then for those you care for or vice versa. The Google Nexus S will be available unlocked on T-Mobile online plan from Best Buy and its Mobile Stores in the US and will shortly make it to the Best Buy and Carphone warehouse in the UK, December 20 onwards. The Google Nexus S will be priced at $529 in the US and £549 in the UK [this is the unlocked price].

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image thumb20 T Mobile UK Promises To Release Android Froyo Update For Samsung Galaxy S – May Your Patience Bear Fruit At Last!

If you are one of those in the United Kingdom and happen to own Samsung Galaxy S on Android 2.1 from T-Mobile you need to praise the supreme beings at T-Mobile to release Froyo today. It has definitely taken longer and a definite test of patience comes to an end. However don’t be too happy as T-Mobile has given a disclaimer that they will try their best to release it today. More wait? I hope not!

But I guess it really won’t matter much since users will only have to wait an extra day if T-Mobile does fail to release it on the date mentioned. You will however be able to update your Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 aka Froyo via the KIES the following day.

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