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image thumb15 Apple Sues Samsung For Copying iPhone: Oh Please Stop This Apple!

Samsung seems to have angered Apple in terms of copying design of the iPhone and the iPad. The allegation comes when the Samsung Galaxy’s range of mobiles was found to be pretty similar to the iPhone models. And from what I see from the picture above, it sure looks a total mimic.

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image thumb47 Steve Jobs Slashes Competition: Android, RIM, 7 Inch Tablets Are No Competition For The iPad, Still Lost In Open Vs Close Debate

To many Steve Jobs is the godfather of the modern day smartphones and powerful technology that makes its way from the caves of Cupertino. Apple has transformed how consumers conceive mobile devices, laptops in fact has infused a brand new culture in the tech scene. I wont be wrong to say that Steve Jobs is the man who has taken the idea of smartphone devices from Nokia, HP and Dell [handheld tablets, etc] top bring us the iPod Touch for music [initially], iPhone 2G, 3G/3GS and the iPhone 4, and only recently the iPad. If you have ever used the iPad, you will see how Apple has amalgamated everything into this 9.7 inch powerful device.

Of course competitors have jumped in, of course there will be some challenge from other manufacturers both in the hardware and the software. But despite all this, all my disliking for the cult of Apple, I must admit it has superiority over others. Steve Jobs knows this, he might have been going overboard with the Antennagate issue but his recent ripping off of the Android platform from Google and the plethora of the upcoming Android and non-Android tablets is quite justified. We have the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the RIM BlackBerry with its PlayBook but I bet they will leave something desired. The 7 inch Galaxy Tab by Samsung is a lost cause between the Smartphone and the iPad. Why would someone want to own a device that is large enough to not fit into a pocket yet small enough to disable easy readability? That’s just my opinion for I would rather buy the iPad with an excellent hardware only because of the larger size.

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image thumb12 Samsung Galaxy Tab Ad Reveal Swype Text Input. The Device Looks Impressive!

I absolutely dislike Samsung mobiles. Even the Galaxy S running on my favorite Android OS. They just don’t give you that feel of a smartphone, perhaps Samsung isn’t really best with mobile devices but this iPad killer looks deadly impressive.

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