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We are anticipating the news of Apple announcing the iPad 2 anytime in the next few days. But the rumors continue to pop up as there has been a more concrete claim from 9to5Mac on what screen will be used for the second generation of the iPad.

image thumb2 Apple iPad 2 Display Images Leaked! Made By LG Philips And Is 9.7 Inch

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image thumb42 White iPhone 4 Coming Out Tomorrow ?[Rumor]

Rumors have been a vital part in any and every Apple news off late, especially for its products like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and the iPod 2. Well there has been one set of rumors about the White iPhone 4, that has seen everything from possible release dates to being pulled off the Apple Store. It appears we might just be in for another surprise.

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image thumb40 Apple iPad 2 Production To Begin in February–Rumor

As February draws closer rumors appear to be turning into more concrete news on Apple and its next generation of the iPhone and the iPad. According to latest news the production of iPad 2 is set to step into pilot production from next month. This would eventually catch more flare towards the end of June before Apple finally starts shipping the devices.

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image thumb15 Will Verizon iPhone Be Announced On January 11 Event?

So we might actually be less than a week away from big news on the next iPhone. We have our reasons. The first pinch came when there were leaked images of a possible iPhone 5 or the Verizon iPhone 4 and a short while back Verizon Wireless sent invites on upcoming event. The event goes live on January 11, 2011 and will be held in the New York City.

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image thumb11 iPhone 5 Images Leaked Or Is It Verizon iPhone 4?

Haven’t there been a lot of Apple leaks since the whole iPhone 4 saga? Reports are rolling out of images of the next generation of the iPhone being leaked. You can call this the iPhone 5 or the Verizon iPhone 4 based on the CDMA Technology. But in all honesty, the device has quite a lot of differences in design, these can be credited to Apple and Steve Jobs paying attention to reduce or totally resolve the Antennagate issue.

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I recall talking about the iPad 2 rumored to release early in 2011. The news is that as the year heads to an end more rumors spill out and the iPad 2 sounds to be a more real deal.

image thumb50 iPad 2 To Have A SD Card Slot, Front And Rear Cameras As Rumored [Video]

I have missed having a camera on the iPad and the rumors are making me feel more hopeful. The upcoming iPad 2 is rumored to have both rear and front facing camera. Some other rumors include that the iPad will: Read More »

image thumb9 And Apple ‘might’ give us the Tablet in 2010

There is another rumor associated to Apple and it’s about another piece of hardware, the Apple Tablet. The rumors put the launch of the Apple Tablet in the early 2010 and will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics, the same that manufactures the iPhone and iPod. The number of devices produced is still unknown but will most probably be close to 400,000 pieces. It will also have a 10.6 inch display and I guess it will be similar to iPod turned into an e-book reader and might just have a better battery life. Well I am waiting for it, to see what exactly is it like?

image thumb2 Technical Issues might delay the New iPod Touch

There is never an end to rumors and when it comes to Apple they always seem to circle around till the very last. The current rumor goes saying that the new iPod Touch, which boasts having a camera (who needs it?) will be delayed. Did hopes shatter? I don’t think so. The reason behind the delay are some technical issues. This shouldn’t really affect the launch, though the shipment might just get delayed for a month or so, but the new iPod Touch is definitely coming our way.

image thumb103 Another round of layoffs coming to AOL?  (rumor)

Our ears are ringing with a rumor that AOL is set to initiate another round of cuts. We aren’t sure what number of employees it will be laying off or not but that number can be close to what it has already made in the recent past. If this rumor is correct, AOL might  announce these layoffs within this week. Anyone out there who has a clue?