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image thumb17 Facebook: The Platform Of Platforms, RSS [Really Simply Stated]

Why doesn’t it surprise me, or does it even surprise anyone around when Hitwise reports of Facebook being the largest platform for reading news? Now it might be following the likes of Google, Yahoo and even MSN at number four, the point why I would consider it even more important is the fact the top three are search engines and they direct traffic back to the source sites. Watch Facebook and it is a bit different.

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image thumb1 WordPress integrates RSSCloud. Are we talking about Real time Feeds?

WordPress has made itself a bit more real time with the integration of RSS Cloud to RSS Feeds. We all know how tiring it is to wait to have an updated feed in our Google Reader but this is about to change. The RSS Cloud would provide push notifications so that you know exactly when the feed is updated. It’s like leaving your desk and asking your colleague to let you know when you are needed (don’t mind the bad analogy here). Think of the RSS Cloud being a middleman in traditional feed reading and pinging, I mean who would want a ping on everything? Too much wastage of time that too for everything out there, while the RSS Cloud lets you select what interests you. Presently it’s just supported on River2 and will come to others soon. Sounds quite real time for blogs.

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