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image thumb61 Kodak knows Twitter is important and TweetPhoto is what it will use to share Photos

Kodak is bringing its heavy duty imaging technology to utilize the ever popular social media. It is presently expanding in to use micro messaging service Twitter to have a greater influence online and is now using TweetPhoto to share photos by default. That is not a surprise, given that TweetPhoto itself has become a default photo sharing service on Twitter, plus it is also the default service to share photos on TweetDeck.

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image thumb50 NASA: From myths of a Moon Base to actually  finding Water on Moon

The Moon bombings might not have gone in vain as all television networks alerted the audiences of NASA finding water on the Moon. The LCROSS mission had uncovered the water on Moon last month in the Cabeus cater on Moon’s South  Pole. The image released shows the explosion 20 seconds later and the plume sort of appears to be… a face [watch closely please]. Whatever that explosion may look like, NASA says it has hands on massive amounts of useful data, meaning we might have some other interesting things coming out for us in due time.
One question, is this water drinkable? I mean the astronauts might need some to kill their thirst in later missions.

image thumb49 Rupert Murdoch has the perfect formula for News Corps Suicide: Make it invisible to Search!

What exactly is this new strategy of Rupert Murdoch?  I mean why would he make News Corps’ content invisible to search engines? Okay, have the ever hungry lovers of News Corps subscribe to get the same news which they can elsewhere? Too many questions, but to be honest this is such a lame move, given that almost every other news service is leveraging the power of search engines to generate that extra bit of traffic along with a few bucks. Apparently Murdoch thinks Google users usually come to the site, thanks to a search, read one article and then disappear. So I guess he is trying to state that every other service should do the same? Bad move, and I hope he reverses it before News Corp is left to be nothing but some once glorified name in the next few years to come.

image thumb48 Googles Go was a name already taken for a programming language

Now I didn’t know that Google GOing ahead to call its programming language Go would dig out some old ruins. Apparently Google has either been too careless with this  or it really wanted to use its massive influence to overrun Frank McCabe’s efforts. Yes, McCabe  has stepped out with solid proofs that state he already had a programming language by that name along with a book called Let’s Go! Now this is really annoying given that all your hard efforts just go in vain given that Big Daddy has chosen the same for his language. Google on the other hand is just quite, rather claims to be unaware of any such name to exist.

image thumb16 Ning Users Jump Past 37 Million, Appathon Competition underway

An achievement being announced by you is always special, especially if you are a newly appointed COO. That is exactly big for Jason Rosenthal, Ning’s new COO who announced the social networking platform reached 37 million users. Big news but that’s not it as it also boasted on having 1.6 million networks created using its platform. The network has definitely grown exponentially with major partnerships on the way with and how effectively each network has an average of two Ning applications installed. The other major announcement was of the launch of the Appathon contest to bring more developers in the ring to create apps using its platform for developers. And to encourage more developers step up, it will offer $5,000 to the best application [original] plus prizes for the second and third placed application.

image thumb German hacker commits suicide in prison

Things are quite problematic when it comes to StudiVZ, the German Facebook. It began with allegations that said it copied the Facebook design all the way to falling prey to hacker attacks. However the young hacker who gave StudiVZ a real nightmare by hacking close to 50,000 users’ detail in just a few hours and threatened to sell that information to gangs if not paid the ransom. He was caught, thrown in prison and now he has committed suicide. The guy was found dead in his cell and administration at the prison stated that the accused had shown no intentions to commit suicide. Suspicion and trouble for the social network as it has given many a folks to point fingers at it. Lets see how it all works out and what do investigations have to show up.

image thumb77 Offerpal Media completes 2 years and continues to Expand, exponentially

Offerpal Media has been busy making progress over last couple of years with major partnerships and launch of new services. Today however it made an announcement on a major achievement, on crossing 160 Million users and over 730 Billion Virtual Points it has issued. Offerpal Media launched in 2007 and almost immediately became the online gaming industries first offer based monetization platform. The network itself has grown substantially since then with over 2,000 publishers globally and its pretty popular given that it relieves the developers of the need to manage multiple user accounts and helps them focus on developing  and managing their games and web pages. Below are some things it has achieved in the last two years:

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image thumb74 OpenTable keeps growing: 1 Millions diners via its App

Restaurant reservation site, OpenTable is making a big news today as it hit dining 1 million people via its mobile app. This means that the service has made a whopping $50 Million worth of revenue for its partners, given that each customer pays $50. The winning factor here is the massive directory of restaurants it has which total to 11,000 in numerous countries for numerous mobile devices which include the Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

image thumb72 Yahoo might have troubles, but the New Homepage has users spending more time on it

While Yahoo must have gone through all sorts of trouble in the last one year and waved goodbye to the chief trouble makers, the redesign of the homepage has certainly helped. Yahoo’s SVP, Tapan Bhat stated that users are spending more time on the homepage ever since the redesign. The numbers appear pretty impressive given that the time spent has grown by 20% while the page views have gone up by 9%. This is one good news for Yahoo, which means that the content on the page is engaging enough for users to spend more time, something that also guarantees that a large chunk of users would often return to the site. To be honest I detested the old layout and the redesign comes as a breather, I mean the numbers tell a very positive story as well. I just hope things improve even further in the future and Yahoo is able to stay in the race as a respectable competitor.

image thumb71 Arnold Schwarzenegger says the F*** Y**: Only a machine could put it that way!

Now this can be a mere coincidence but you can’t really put down the chances that Arnold Schwarzenegger had done this on purpose. But lets forget it being purposely done and think what is the probability that if you were to write such a letter and end up with 4W bomb? Very less and I guess it came out in the best possible manner, leaving everyone thinking what made him do that and yet no one can actually accuse him of literally  mistakenly abusing the members. You can read further details on this here, while I try to create a similar letter.