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CropperCapture22 thumb Will You Pay To Use Facebook? Never Mind Facebook Is Not Yet Putting a Price Tag

What would be your reaction if you log in to your Facebook account and pops out a window saying that you need to pay? I will say a few curse words and bid adieu to the social network for good. Or perhaps rally in with the like minded who already have guerilla groups against the move.

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image thumb54 Craig Lynch Finally Caught, So Much For His Facebook Fame

God forbid if I were a prisoner and happened to break prison, end up using Facebook and have a large following, I would have used the social network to improve my reputation and earn people’s sympathy to reduce my term. But not Craig Lynch. The man who had been busy for four months ever since his break from a prison in September used the social network to make himself the super cool and fearless renegade, has finally been caught.

The man had been actively using the social network to post messages with rude remarks for law enforcement agencies. That wasn’t it, he made sure that everyone knew what was the temperature of the place he was in, the food he was eating and of course showing that magical finger of his to the people. It provided everyone with a chance to laugh about the whole thing and he provided some fun other than the dreaded Farmville games. But that ended yesterday when the Scotland Yard finally caught him.

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image thumb108 Facebook Might Grind $1 Billion In Revenue In 2010

More investments from numerous investors in social games across its platform, hungry to buy more of its shares and an ever increasing user-base, Facebook has more than just a bright future. According to current estimates, the social network might very well be making more than $1 Billion in revenues. Quite a jump, even for estimates, given that only recently those were put to be around $700 Million.

Those figures however sound quite possible  as the social network would eventually cross over 500 million users and given its very recent growth, that is pretty achievable. Plus it has got so many reforms coming to it, from pushing out Facebook Credits as an effective virtual currency and ever more addictive ways to have users flock to using them (thanks to virtual gifts and social games from Zynga). Now I am not rushing ahead to say that Facebook will actually be cooking that much in revenue next year, but if it were to actually integrate the Credit within its platform as its default virtual currency it might very easily churn out half of the estimated revenue for 2010.

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image thumb106 Facebook Sets To Figure Out Ethnic Diversity Within Its Network

When your network has grown to an extent that its population has crossed 350 Million in total, it is bound to have a population that is quite diverse. The social network’s data team rolled out quite a detailed report on How Diverse is Facebook? The survey carried out was based on analyzing the surnames of its users in the US, which was then used to divide US users as per their ethnicity. Good to know about such diversity, but very strange methodology.

The result states that the population is dominated by the Asian and Pacific islanders with quite a significant drop in the Hispanic populace. So why exactly was there a need for such a survey? The idea is to learn and understand how varied is Facebook’s user base and how does their use of the service changes? And how would this help Facebook? The ultimate idea is to understand how each of these users interact and connect with each other. Again that actually helps Facebook look forward and learn how to actually target the varying audience and provides useful stats to place future predictions on.

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image thumb104 Fake Steve Jobs Rallies Troops On Facebook To Initiate Operation Chokehold: ‘Take That On Your Face AT&T’

If they make a lot of noise, choke them an if choking them sounds like committing a heinous crime, choke the system they are so proud of. This is exactly what Operation Chokehold is about and we know sheer disappointment is the reason behind why it has been started. The operation which was initiated by Fake Steve Jobs and has already got quite a flare with its Facebook fan page jumping from a meaningless 300 to an impressive 1,600 followers a of present.

So what actually initiated this? Apparently iPhone’s primary carrier, AT&T’s CEO Ralph de la Vega stated that the iPhone users utilize too much data. The claims put forward by AT&T simply state that the amount of data iPhone users use has AT&T facing serious issues with its bandwidth utilization. So what exactly is this Operation Chokehold about?

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Now the best way to speak the truth and paint the picture of reality is to go with humor. Mint has done the same as it released a short video to pull out the real numbers on the unemployment rate which has been put at around 10% by the officials. Mint on the other hand puts it at 17.2%, which is just a fraction short of the 17.5% last month.

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image thumb11 4 Billion Monthly Clicks is What News Sites Will Lose If Google Can’t See News Content

Oh so the News industry thinks that Google is eating its piece of cake in huge chunks, especially Rupert Murdoch who thinks Content should be hidden from the Search Engines. Why? Well because there is no such thing as Free News! Well I don’t care about the content being free or not, but Google alone sends these news sites more than 4 Billion hits a month. Now all that promotion and hits are being done via search and if some half brained fool actually accepts Murdoch’s idea and puts an iron curtain on content from these sources, News itself would take a huge chunk worth 4 billion clicks from its share.

So what exactly is wrong with this? Well to be honest, if the point is journalists and agencies working hard and spending cash to put quality content online, these agencies can make a fortune out of those hits. So the missing link is the obvious bad advertising that makes them all feel the pinch. Alright I don’t side with actually putting the content out and about for free for every Tom, Dick and Harry, but hey that is where you get all the promotion from. The idea to limit free views per person to five sounds good enough, at least this would give consumers a chance to actually read and judge if the content is really worth what they want before they actually subscribe. Tell the truth here, how many of you would actually pay for a subscription if all you could decide on was one page?

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image thumb Animoto Making Sure You Have The Best Holiday With Custom Greeting Videos

It has been helping users create custom slideshows with their photos, videos and music, Animoto is bringing something for the holiday season. With this new platform users will be able to create greeting cards, etc with its ready to use themes. The working is no rocket science whatsoever, simply upload images, videos, and music from the collection accompanied by text and you are displayed an equally appealing video. This utilizes the same concept as those applied in editing of television content and these are initially free for the beginner 30 second clips, while full length videos cost you $3. A fair deal to say the least as it offers you the best product for the price.

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image thumb113 BillShrink shrinks Purchase cost and expands to 1 Million users

Everyone loves saving some cash when it comes to paying bills, etc and no wonder BillShrink is growing up on it. The startup which lets users make better decisions when it comes to buying products, today crossed the 1 Million user mark after almost a year and a half since it was launched in April last year. Impressive in every way but it saving $1 Billion on bill saving is something i find hard to digest, I mean how many of us actually go about jumping from one cell phone or carrier to another? Not many and if it has actually done so, I am surprised how much can it actually help save on each deal? On the other note, the startup has been impressive at bagging all data from across the Web and making it more readily searchable across its platform. With this announced, the startup is planning to go ahead with the launch of a few additional features and services to grow further. Lets see how it fares with all the new improvements coming up.

image thumb67 Xing gets a news Shareholder as Burda purchases 25.1% stake

Xing has got a new shareholder today as Burda, the German media giant bought 25.1% share. Xing as we have extensively talked about is LinkedIn for Germany and the deal has definitely got XING a healthy shareholder as Burda already has stakes in major firms like Glam Media and Zooplus. Burda acquired the shares from Cinco Capital at 36.5 Euro a share, bringing the total cost of the acquisition to 48.3 Million Euro.