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image thumb33 iPhone 5 Is Like iPhone 4 Leaked Photos Reveal No Capacitive Home ButtonThere is a lot of buzz around the upcoming iPhone 5 all across the Web as more photos of the hardware of the anticipated iOS device start to leak from the factories in China. The latest round of pictures showcases parts of the iPhone 5, the dock cables and the speakers. Don’t be totally misguided from the pictures, those are of the raw device, probably in the test phase.

trans iPhone 5 Is Like iPhone 4 Leaked Photos Reveal No Capacitive Home Button

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image thumb47 Steve Jobs Slashes Competition: Android, RIM, 7 Inch Tablets Are No Competition For The iPad, Still Lost In Open Vs Close Debate

To many Steve Jobs is the godfather of the modern day smartphones and powerful technology that makes its way from the caves of Cupertino. Apple has transformed how consumers conceive mobile devices, laptops in fact has infused a brand new culture in the tech scene. I wont be wrong to say that Steve Jobs is the man who has taken the idea of smartphone devices from Nokia, HP and Dell [handheld tablets, etc] top bring us the iPod Touch for music [initially], iPhone 2G, 3G/3GS and the iPhone 4, and only recently the iPad. If you have ever used the iPad, you will see how Apple has amalgamated everything into this 9.7 inch powerful device.

Of course competitors have jumped in, of course there will be some challenge from other manufacturers both in the hardware and the software. But despite all this, all my disliking for the cult of Apple, I must admit it has superiority over others. Steve Jobs knows this, he might have been going overboard with the Antennagate issue but his recent ripping off of the Android platform from Google and the plethora of the upcoming Android and non-Android tablets is quite justified. We have the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the RIM BlackBerry with its PlayBook but I bet they will leave something desired. The 7 inch Galaxy Tab by Samsung is a lost cause between the Smartphone and the iPad. Why would someone want to own a device that is large enough to not fit into a pocket yet small enough to disable easy readability? That’s just my opinion for I would rather buy the iPad with an excellent hardware only because of the larger size.

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image thumb82 Facebook Surpasses Yahoo As Number 2 Video Site, YouTube Still Way Ahead

Numbers always add more weight to your claims than just saying you are the leader in a certain category. I mean you can be a leader amongst losers around you? But lets not make this a lecture of some sort and come to the comScore’s monthly report for August which reveals stats on online video data in the US.

A whopping 178 million people watched online video content at an average 14.3 hours per viewer. Though the total number has remained unchanged and Google sites still lead with a massive 146 million unique viewers it gives me great joy to share Facebook climbing to number two. It had over 58 million unique viewers compared to Yahoo which it surpassed with 53 million plus viewers. Facebook rightly deserves this and Yahoo shouldn’t even be there at all. Honestly I didn’t ever knew that Yahoo even had a video site!

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image thumb19 iOS 6 Times Larger Than Android in Internet Browsing, Even Linux

Apple grabs another position and this time it’s the iOS that has become the third most popular platform on the Internet. Google has a big mountain for the Android platform to climb as the iOS is nearly 6 times as big as the Android. Surely the popularity of the iOS has grown and with every other release and update it continues to become stronger. Oh and did I mention it has crawled past Linux too?

The popularity doesn’t surprise me at all given that the iOS deserves it by all means. What does surprise me is the fact that it powers only 3 products, the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, which leaves it quite a limited number of options when it comes to hardware. The Android on the other hand has the HTC, Motorola and Samsung, all releasing Android based mobiles in bulk, so much that there is not a month when there is no new upcoming Android phone.

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image thumb129 Could This iPhone User Snatch The Fastest Texter Title From Samsung?

There are very few things I hate in this world and somehow, Samsung is in the list. The very design of the device is gruesome, lousy and somehow these devices don’t give you that feel of a smartphone. This is exactly why reading about Brian Sweet unofficially breaking the fastest text messaging record on the iPhone4.

The record, was previously held by Samsung for writing the following phrase:

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image thumb28 Mark Hurd Takes A Bow As HP’s CEO Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Bad press for a bad move or at least as alleged, HP is waving goodbye to Mark Hurd, after the CEO, Chairman and President of HP resigned from his position following inquiries regarding a sexual harassment claim coming from an HP contractor. This will be acted upon immediately.

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image thumb18 Ways You Can Assist The Flood Victims In Pakistan As Flood Displace 3 Million People

I am residing in Pakistan and as the world might be aware that is has been hit by one of the worst floods in the history of the region. The torrential rains in the last couple of weeks have wreaked havoc in the country, devastating the North West Frontier Province [now called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa] with floods affecting more than 3 million people. As of current stats, close to 1,500 people have lost their lives, [the number which is unbelievable seeing the destruction it has caused].

More rains are expected to hit the country in the next week or two as the flood water ravages to the southern areas to Punjab and Sind. We at Startup Meme are sharing possible ways on how our readers across the globe can help the affected people.

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image thumb7 UAE And Saudi Arabia To Ban BlackBerry Services

Looks like Research In Motion is having a tough time in the Middle East as the telecom sector has rallied up to put a ban on BlackBerry services. The ban has been implemented in the UAE as well as in Saudi Arabia, where the kingdom has asked 3 operators to ban its services. Those services include the BlackBerry Messenger, the E-mail and the BlackBerry Web Browsing services. This ban will be implemented in the kingdom in the current month.

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image thumb24 The Missing Majority On The Web: Is Complex Technology Putting Barriers To Make People Look Beyond The Read Only Medium?

Something remarkable happened on the Web during the last few years. Initially the Web was like a spectator sport where millions of us sat around the stadium and watched the creation of a small number of people. That picture started changing a few years ago when a large number of us got off our seats and walked into the playing field. We were not passive spectators any more, and quickly realized while it is enjoyable to watch the game, it is lot more fun to play it too. Today many of us actively change the Web almost every day by writing blogs, commenting on them, exchanging notes through Facebook and Twitter, posting our photographs and videos, writing product reviews, or simply by voting on something. What was strictly a read-only medium became a read-write medium. What was a passive activity became an active one. The growth of Web 2.0 has been phenomenal and spectacular.

During all this time the number of people on the web has been growing steadily. According to internetworldstats.com, the number of web users across the world is 1.7 billion in 2010, and Facebook, by far the most popular social media site, have nearly 500 million users. Therefore, the percentage of web users who are on Facebook is about 29%. The web metrics company Alexa also estimates that 34% of all web users are on Facebook. This is a jaw-dropping number, and far exceeds any other social media site, including Twitter, which enjoys less than 7% of all Web users (see Alexa graph).

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image thumb20 The Redirecting Issue At Startup Meme Has Been Resolved – Apology To Our Readers For Inconvenience

The last couple of days have been pretty hectic, especially for the fact that Startup Meme had been under attack and almost the links redirected to a malicious site. We discovered that the issue wasn’t just affecting us and many sites, including GoDaddy had been affected by the same. It has affected us badly and more importantly has caused our valuable readers a lot of problems.

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