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image thumb24 Osama Bin Laden Abbottabad Compound Counter Strike Map Available For DownloadLooks like the Osama Bin Laden saga still has a lot of life remaining and I guess no one, in governments globally, intelligence agencies, journalists, social media freaks and gaming hot shots are going to let it die. We had been hearing rumors of a possible Hollywood movie or a game on Osama Bin Laden raid. Turns out we have already got our hands on one really good experience.

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image thumb44 Twitter: From Fail Whale To Blank Timelines…

What exactly is happening with Twitter? I have been ignoring the troubles with it for almost a week now, given the number of fail whales with the micromessaging service and random account logins. But today after facing some downtime earlier and coming back it appears to have reset all tweets.

Well obviously one should be glad that the site is working fine enough and letting users place updates but it is quite astonishing to see it removing the number of tweets of many users. The warning was given by Twitter regarding the maintenance and that its users will be seeing removal of tweets as well as an empty timeline on their profiles.  From Twitter’s status blog:

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image thumb63 Molly Norris Apologizes Muslims For The Facebook Page: It Was Never My Intention To Promote Hate..

Reports are coming in that the creator of the Facebook Page that promoted Draw Mohammad Day, Molly Norris has apologized the Muslim world according to Dawn News. This is quite a good sign to cool off the angry Muslim population of Facebook, especially in Pakistan where the social network has been blocked.

The page currently has close to 90,000 users and Molly has very clearly stated that she has nothing to do with the caricatures being drawn and that most of the images there are obscene and insulting to the Muslim Faith. In a statement, she said:

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image thumb59 Facebook Ban Followed By Ban On YouTube And Flickr By Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.. Is Twitter Next?

Today is the day for which a group was created promoting the Draw Mohammad Day on Facebook and as a result the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was directed by the Lahore High Court to ban Facebook for an indefinite period effective from May 19. It appears that the PTA has also blocked access via proxy sites, access to social networking site via Mobile devices and any other way deemed possible. While I thought that was it, authorities here have got even stricter and have issued a ban on YouTube, Flickr as well.

This ban is temporary on YouTube and Flickr as of now, but we aren’t sure how long does temporary actually mean. Facebook hasn’t taken any action against the page stating that the page doesn’t violate any of its Terms and Conditions. I am surprised at this as many a caricatures were a direct insult to the Muslim faith and my point is justified. Of the 1 million or so Pakistani users on Facebook, 90% or so are in favor of this decision.

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image thumb35 Are More People Searching Google On How To Quit Facebook?

Many of us are troubled with the privacy settings of Facebook and many more are just ready to pack up and call it a day with the social network. Despite all the guides and tips on customizing the settings to maximize your security; users still have complains. I agree with users’ woes that it is very confusing to follow the changes on the social network, but little did I know that the dissatisfaction is so high that many would actually want to Google how to delete their account.

Presently if you simply type How to do I, Google suggests you how to delete your Facebook account at number 7. The only top searches are queries that include ‘how do I get a passport’ and ‘how do I find my IP Address’. That’s not it, if you would take some pain and type Delete the top recommendation is ‘delete Facebook account’. Now I have no clue as to how many people are trying to search for ways to delete their accounts.

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image thumb22 IMShopping takes Human Assisted Shopping to Retailers

IMShopping, the human assisted shopping recommendation platform that makes it easier for people made an important announcement today as it made its platform available to all retailers. The service called Merchant Answers has already been implemented by 20 retailers. This would enable sites to maximize sales conversions with a better shopping experience. Sounds nice given that it’s always the better services which improve loyalty of customers as well as boost sales. And with the implementation of Merchant Answers retailers would have a better possibility to turn the customers into buyers.

image thumb97 Facebook: The revamped inbox looks better

The much talked and anticipated revamped inbox for Facebook seems to breathing, not for all but a few lucky users. I haven’t got my hands at the new version but from the pictures it appears to be a whole lot cleaner. The other notable mentions include the better filtering option for read/unread messages plus the use of overlay instead of thrusting a new tab or window for message composing makes it appear way better. And as always, Facebook has managed to get closer to a feed like appearance by cleaning up the cluttered threaded messages. The entire thing appears much better and I bet it’s going to be faster, by the way is Facebook really heading on to its Lite version?

image thumb44 Livestream releases APIs and Player Plug in for Brightcove

In a bid to help users easily customize and integrate their video player into platforms from various companies, Livestream has released new APIs. These new plugins can be utilized by services like Brightcove, etc.  The idea is to open up its existing linear video streaming platform for third party players and platforms. Livestream Player API lets users create their own Livestream powered video players and clips using Adobe Flash or Flex, HTML development environment. The major step in this regard cam in with its partnership with Brightcove that enabled Brightcove users to stream live and linear video via Livestream directly into their Brightcove player.

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