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image thumb136 Google Real Time Search Gets Its Own Homepage And New Features

When you have a great product, you need to make it stand out and Google has done exactly that with its Real Time Search. Lets go back in time when Google launched this last year and honestly it made the search results page ugly. Thanks to all those Twitter updates stuffed between results, which proved to be more bothersome than helpful. Today the search giant has given a new page to the Real Time Search.

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image thumb62 Facebook In Real Action – Seriously The Fans Will Make It Happen!

While the social network has got everyone consumed within its platform, well to quite a large extent if I don’t exaggerate. I just think what is going to happen if somehow Facebook disappears? What is life going to be like? While I can’t speak on everyone else’s behalf life will have one task subtracted from my online activity and make it a bit simplified. Seriously I am beginning to have problems if I am not getting a response.

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image thumb32 Google is Real Time.. only if you have time to tweak the URL!

There is some way of making Google go real time without the need of Google launching or adding a new feature. All you need to do is tweak the parameters in the URL . When a search is performed the parameters look something like what you see below:

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logo facebook thumb Facebook steps into Real Time as it improves its Search service

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image thumb13 And now Search on FriendFeed is Real Time too

Real time is what almost every service is trying to integrate it in some way. However FriendFeed is running ahead with the idea and it all began with its redesign. Today it also put that real time-ness into its search, meaning that whatever term you search will show results that are updated with the latest updates associated to your search query. What’s more important is that you can also share and embed the search in your blog and it updates in real time as well. You can see one below:

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image thumb64 Facebook planning to retrace the path; might revert to the Old Design

While almost every other service, from FriendFeed to Google Search, is trying to get real time, the leading social network, Facebook thinks to the contrary. There are reports of Facebook going back to the old design and is iterating its decision to make status updates appear on users’ home page faster. Though the decision hasn’t been made in this regard, but there is definitely a discussion taking place within the circles. Now  many people were against the redesign altogether but I found it better and much easier to use as it helps in getting real time news, reports on numerous things. Just like I got this news update from Eric Eldon.