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image thumb42 Contextured Takes Social Marketing To Real Time With AdTime Campaign Management Tool

Keeping an eye on your traffic, the ads you have running on your site and the a track on clicks, specially if it’s more about pay per clicks. I for one find it a bit difficult to manage all this and a handy tool is always much needed. Contextured, a UK based startup has launched AdTime to address exactly the same need.

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It was only a matter of time before we heard of the Real Time search on Google. The Search giant has just released its real time search which is integrated into its search results pages. That is quite some news given that there has been a lot to move around with real time.

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image thumb111 Live Updating search from Twitter makes way through a widget

Twitter is leaps and bounds ahead of FriendFeed but its search had always taken a hit as it lacked the real time update to search like FF. That changed today as Twitter released a new widget that lets you view a live stream of results in search. You can build a widget and place any query accompanied by a title and caption as well as modify its appearance. Once done you have the option to place the code on your blog, etc. I am unable to post the widget given that it causes errors, which is why you only see a photo.