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image thumb37 I Deleted My Facebook Account.. 14 Days And It’s Still Active: Is There No Simpler Answer for “How To Delete Your Account?”

It’s complicated, it’s really complicated, err impossible is a better word to define it. I have talked about the confusion and complications associated to Facebook and another one jumps out. This one in particular is about the answer to the question how do I delete my Facebook account? The answer now is, you can’t if you have a lot of third party sites linking in with your Facebook profile. Proof? Jason Calacanis’ facebook profile is the answer.

I remember reading that the man who had been creating a brouhaha about quitting Facebook and who actually did deactivate his profile, waiting for the 14 day period for Facebook to actually delete his account. The account not only remains on Facebook, it was pretty active as well. No it wasn’t a privacy breach but simply a fact that his YouTube stream and activity on other Facebook connected sites continued to be posted to his profile on the social networking site. Now isn’t it the web I was talking about and Facebook being the spider that doesn’t want you to leave it. Jason Calacanis is an example and a proof solid enough for you to rethink your stance on the social network.

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image thumb1 Yahoo Executive Exits: Flickr Mastermind Kellan Elliott Calls It A Day

It really hurts to hear about someone really important in your organization waving goodbye and calling it a day. But I guess Yahoo has been hit by that so many times now that a lot of its key members have been leaving the once leading portal on the Web. The latest to do so is Kellan Elliott McCrea.

Kellan has been a key player at Yahoo, the mastermind behind Flickr, dubbed as the brains behind Flickr, the last of the few who actually knew the A to Z of the photo sharing site. He isn’t the first of the Yahoo lot, rather as many as three key executives had left Yahoo in the last month alone. Those include:

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image thumb52 Want To Quit Facebook With A Bit Of Dramatization? Do So With A Group On May 31

Here comes another fail to be Facebook or should I say an anti-Facebook campaign from once lovers of the social network. A group of Facebook fans are planning to launch a campaign on My 31, in order get people quit the social network. Why so? Well all the chaos the new privacy issues have caused and with the idea of the social network having the entire Web revolve around Facebook; are the primary reasons. And while every tried to gobble this down, we came across Mark Zuckerberg calling people dumb f*cks, for trusting him and the social network with their privacy.

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image thumb35 Facebook Issues: Radio Presenter Quits Group For Being Racist!

Adrian Renzi, a radio presenter has quit a group on the social networking site, Facebook. The reason? A racist campaign that states that a particular group on the social networking site thought that all trouble in a particular town was due to Aborigines. The reason is quite justified and the least he could have done to demonstrate his disgust over the act of those who did that.

The radio presenter had joined the group for he thought that the group would do a favor to the residents of Alice Springs by addressing the major issues that people faced in the town. Little was he aware that some locals had quite a hatred against the aborigines. The group has gained quite some attention given that a senior police official in on the group too, for some effective policing on the group and keeping an eye on what is being posted on the it. Quite a job to say the least, I can bet many people I know would love to do such monitoring and ever more efficiently.

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