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image thumb64 Qik comes to the iPhone, Sorry but no Live Streaming!

The App Store at last welcomed Qik, something I thought would never happen. Hold on, don’t get all excited as you still wont be able to stream live using the device and the app like Ustream’s would only record first and then allow you to upload. Sounds quite strip off of the service but I guess it’s just a sign that Apple might just allow such apps and enable live streaming via iPhone.

funding thumb5 Qik bags $5.5 Million, its all growth for Qik

Mobile Video Streaming service provider, Qik continues to grow and raise funds. Qik raised $5.5 Million in a new round of funding and it came from Camp Ventures. Quest Venture Partners and other private investors. Although it has competitors like Kyte, etc but being featured in the Ovi Store and coming preloaded on Nokia S60 phones has definitely given it a big boon to its growth.

image thumb110 Android gets Qik and its spreading very quickly

Qik expands further as it steps into another mobile platform, Android. There is no official release on this but apparently an Alpha version of Qik’s Android app has made its way out to the public. This was more of a result of some user getting excited and sending out the installation file. While that was obviously something Qik was planning to release but this reportedly was a bit too hasty.

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image thumb44 Nokia will have Qik preloaded on all S60 based phones

It appears that Qik is pretty serious about the idea to dominate the live mobile video blogging area globally and has quite succeeded as it will now come preloaded in all S60 based Nokia phones. Meaning that you will now have the application ready to run on your devices. This is definitely a big achievement for Qik as it will now be more readily usable by users.