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image thumb32 Sony PlayStation Phone To Be Announced Next Week

Recall all the rumors on the Sony PlayStation Phone? Well here is one more to add to the chest as reports state that Sony might unveil the next version of its PlayStation Portable on January 27. We are well aware that this new version of the Sony PSP will be gaming smartphone.

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If my memory aids me right, we talked about a possible Sony putting together a mobile gaming device by integrating the PSP with Ericsson’s Xperia X10. Well that may or may not be true but Sony is definitely after Apple. To put it more appropriately, after the iPhone. Don’t believe it? Watch Sony pulling on the iPhone with its latest PSP ad.

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image thumb53 Big One: Sony Ericsson Coming Out With Android 3.0 Gaming Smartphone, An Amalgamation of Xperia And PSP Go

This one is big, at least for me given that I am a big of Sony Play Station and the Android platform. Reports are rolling in of Sony Ericsson is in works to release a gaming smartphone. If I am not wrong, it’s going to be an amalgamation of the Sony Playstation Portable, [the PSP], perhaps the Sony Ericsson Xperia and running on the Google Android version 3.0. I am excited for sure.

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image thumb68 Sony thinks it is better to cut down prices for PSPgo games, evidence that Apple has a great influence

To be honest, Apple has stirred the markets with its iPod and iPhone, not just those of the smartphone but also that of handheld devices. Those devices are portable, provide developers a very fruitful market without doing much investment and its games don’t cost much. Of course they don’t provide you with the super awesome 3D effect that game manufacturers like Sony, Nintendo would do, but does one really need that to kill time? This is exactly the same reason why many a game lovers complain about Sony that its gaming consoles and games too cost a lot. The result? Sony is definitely taking this seriously and has been influenced to make a cut in prices for PSPgo games with reports stating a fall in price in the range of $1 to $15. Plus it might also offer developers the same share that is given to those who create games/apps for the Apple devices.

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