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I totally missed this one out. George Hotz or commonly known as Geohot who is known for his iPhone jailbreak and exploits like Limera1n, etc has been sued by Sony Corporation.

image thumb24 Geohot Sued By Sony For Jailbreaking PlayStation 3

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We have talked about how to jailbreak your PS3 using HTC Desire and it was fun to do. But Desire is now old school since the release of the newer Desire Z and Desire HD alongside HD2. Hence for those of you who own a Sony PlayStation 3 and the HD2, there’s some god news, you can use HD2 to jailbreak or downgrade your PS3.

image thumb57 How To Jailbreak PS3 With HD2 With PS3DJB App

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P9100254 thumb 7 Step Guide To Hack/Jailbreak Your PS3 With Android Phone

Own a PS3 and an Android powered phone? Are you sick of doing those Jailbreaks or reading tips on how to Jailbreak your iPhone? Here’s something different, a tip to hack your Sony PlayStation with Google Android Phones. Let’s call it a jailbreak instead.

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image thumb40 Sony Makes PlayTV Social – Adds Facebook Link

Sony is coming out with an update for its PlayTV, the device it released earlier coming super cheap with Sony’s 250 GB PS3 console. The device let users record a show while they played games or watched a movie on their Blu-Ray. It wasn’t something great and had a few glitches associated to recording and quality but with a very low price attached, it was quite useful to have with a purchase of PS3.

The update would bring to PlayTV what we love talking about the most: add social networking capability by making it easier for you to link to Facebook. I am not sure how far would this come along to actually entice users to grab the device but for PS3 fanboys, this one will be one more feature to give them a reason to stay glued to the console. I am not sure if this update would let you record your social networking activity as it does with recording record programs on channels. I haven’t tried the device out and have no idea how good it actually is in terms of quality recording but be sure to have a high capacity hard disk to prevent running out of disk space. Forget it if you own a 40GB console and are miser enough to not upgrade it.

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We talked about the rumors of the firmware update coming to PS3 and with a possible Facebook integration. Well that 3.10 update and a Facebook integration is no rumor as Sony announced the release of that integration today. The new features coming along with the update include:

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image thumb144 Microsoft to sell Xbox Elite for $299. Is it to counter PS3 Slim?

It had to happen, with the PlayStation 3 Slim readying to make it to the markets, Microsoft was likely to do more than just release Xbox Elite. Microsoft will be selling the device for $299. However Microsoft has turned down any question of it pulling down the price to counter Sony, but it’s quite unbelievable given especially the fact that people at Sony expect PS3’s sales to go up by 60% and how Microsoft has been integrating numerous features to its gaming console in a bid to make it more useful for users who would want to do more with their gaming devices than just playing games.

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image thumb91 Sony has a lot coming for PS3 Fans, from motion sensor technology to a less bulky PS3

The Sony GamesCom conference being held in Cologne Germany is breaking up much awaited news to us. Sony lets the cat out of the bag announcing the launch of the Play-Station 3  ‘Slim’. The modified console will be making its appearance in the first week of September and priced at 299 Euros. The modification includes sizing down of the predecessor up to 32%, a rough top surface relieving of all the finger prints that would be left behind otherwise. It has a standard 120 GB hard disk that is quieter as it works and is much more power efficient.

Sony has definitely got things going for it self with the new hotter and sleeker looking PS3 Slim *drool*. Other pleasing news from Sony include a confirmation of the price cut down on the 80GB PS3, information of the new  motion sensor control, redesigning of PSN etc.

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