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image thumb44 Facebook Makes Moves To Make Sure Spammers Don’t Keep Sending Friend Requests!

No matter how private Facebook may appear and how much you want to keep friends with your age old friends. Some of the users are always looking forward to make new friends. You can have many reasons as to why you rejected someone’s request: Spam, abuse already with the latest reason which says that you don’t know one.

While to many it might sound just like any other reason to turn down a request it actually helps you in the long run. How? I remember that I used to get multiple requests from three or four people times and again and no matter how many times they were turned down, one of them was bound to make the same request again. With this new option, it makes sure that Facebook blocks all future requests from this person. That in short means the reduction in the countless spam requests that keep hurling into your notifications.

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image thumb39 Privacy Is No More A Social Norm. Shatter All Barriers And Let Your Information Out!

Yeah right! I feel suspicious over the statement given by Mark Zuckerberg at the crunchies. How can he say that so confidently? And more importantly on behalf of everyone using the beloved social network; Facebook? I have always thought of Facebook to be a very dictatorially controlled democracy. More importantly the words have come out on an issue of privacy that has so many of its users concerned.

Privacy is one major reason why people actually enjoyed using Facebook. I mean Orkut came in with a boom and it grew quite a lot until Facebook caved in with a more secure platform. You knew no stranger was watching your pictures or reading your wall posts. But things are been pushed off into some other direction. Of course user data is said to be kept private but emphasis has been laid upon opening up a bit of user information to the eyes of the search engines.

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image thumb81 Social Networks: How Private Is Your Privacy?

Private! Kindly keep that word, it looks good only with the movie Saving Private Ryan and soon enough that will be the only way to talk about it generally in the modern era. I am being skeptical but that is exactly what I feel, you don’t? Pretty soon you will, without a doubt.

That was just to set a tone for the discussion around privacy. It used to surprise me how come I started receiving links from porn, gambling sites and others where I had never been, people adding me to their list, those I never came across. I am talking about the Pre-Facebook, social network era, times when we had quite a lot of privacy online, but that has been changing; very rapidly. Think of it, I make an update on my profile and it appears to everyone on my list, which I am not bothered about, given I know each person in one way or the other. But change the scenario, take for example rushing through your Facebook transition (privacy settings) and never really caring about understanding the options and your information is out for the public, all across the globe. Now did you really want your contact information for everyone online? Definitely not! But sorry that just happened.

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image thumb62 Is Facebook Heading On To Become Orkut Of The Past?

Now if you are really into having people follow a certain thing or adopt a different strategy you need to lead from the front. And this is what Mark Zuckerberg is doing, following the textbook strategy. Nothing new here at all, rather more of a step towards making quite a bit of his profile open to public. Now, wouldn’t that make you feel all the new changes and updates more secure?

Of course not! Not at least to people who began using the social network for its very privacy and the emphasis on being a network for connecting with friends and keeping your updates, etc limited to only those you know or can relate to. But that’s changing and changing quite rapidly. Why? That is the real question which is pretty obvious to almost any Web savvy user, something I will come over to in a later post and talk about my views on why is this all happening?

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image thumb52 Facebook: What Hast Thou Done With News Feed Settings?

Woah, while the new privacy settings already have people going nuts and leaving a lot to be desired, Facebook is doing everything possible to annoy them more. It appears we bloggers should stop writing about the privacy settings, as the more we write the more users seem to point out the missing links and options. Presently we have another comment coming it that says News Feed and Wall settings have vanished. Why?

That feature gave users the option to auto generate a news feed about any changes you made across your profile, for example like changing your relationship status. Where has that disappeared? I am lost at this, what exactly is Facebook doing? First it gave us pretty chained customization options, making sure that users felt that they are being dictated what settings to follow and now they lessening those options too. I bet they must have merged it with the existing settings and when you select to share certain information with friends, a large chunk of your information is adjusted along with that.

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image thumb40 Facebook Privacy Settings: Seriously That’s The Best It Can Offer!

The changes, the updates and all associated to the much loved privacy on the Facebook platform have raised quite a controversy. I guess that has something to do with the initial post about the updates being very vague, not to forget that many users found them to be having them go public. Well the social network is helping its users with a three step transition to help them get along with the new privacy settings, hoping that it satisfies every user of the platform. And they are so bent upon having you see the transition steps that they wont show you the setting unless you have seen the steps.

I was reading a comment from our reader and he complained:

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image thumb33 Facebook Privacy Settings: Just a Peep Hole Between Your Privacy And The Internet

This had been talked of earlier; Facebook to introduce better privacy settings when Facebook crossed the 350 Million user mark. After almost a week of his words, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has finally rolled those out for the Facebook population. The new privacy settings are to make sharing experience much better by giving its users better options on what to share and more importantly with whom?

The challenge is definitely a big one, but so far Facebook has been good with living up to it, which is one reason why it has been a winner amongst users. Of course there have been some controversies but nothing is perfect, so we can spare it on that. Coming back to the settings, the update puts out a simplified page for its users and tools that would enable users to decide what audience to share their stuff with over the network.

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image thumb78 Google Street View all too serious about not revealing identities: Blurs Colonel Sanders face on every KFC banner

There has been quite some issues associated to Google’s Street View, those about it attacking privacy, etc. Well it appears Street View has taken all that far too seriously and is even blurring images uncle Sanders images on ad banners of KFC restaurants. I was a bit surprised reading this one and never thought Google would be so cautious to even try and reveal cartoon characters completely. Sounds pretty useless and if this is really happening on purpose, I can bet we will be seeing blurred faces on statues, etc. Anyone with an idea on what this is exactly? I think it’s more of an issue with Street View’s blurring algorithm that has applied it to every image it detects.