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image thumb12 Pulse Marries Posterous To Bring TechMeme Look Alike For iPad Readers

Ever heard about Techmeme? You must have if you read this blog or any other news on technology, then came Tweetmeme to aggregate tweets in a similar fashion. Today Alphonso Labs announced of coming out Pulse, an app for the iPad that provides you a nice way to read your feeds.

The team has shook hands with Posterous to make this happen, enable users to create their own individual pulses. While Tweetmeme compiles similar news under a source and Tweetmeme does the same with tweets from Twitter, Pulse turns out as Pulsememe to do the same with whatever news you share as a pulse on the application. Upon coming across Pulsememe, reading Siegler’s post at TechCrunch I gave the destination a look over and it is quite simple, though pretty skinny at the moment with barely enough content. Something which will obviously grow popular with time.

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image thumb61 Posterous Wants You To Switch Your Platform, Offer Lasts For 15 Days*

The major reason why I haven’t moved over to Posterous is simple; I found it extremely impossible to transfer existing content over to it. Not just me, I guess the issue is same with many, especially those on various platforms which are getting annoyingly difficult to manage. Perhaps they have become too outdated or are greedy to fill each of your page with ads. Well Posterous is capitalizing on that by letting you import your content over to its platform.

This is happening round the clock for the next 15 days [read update] and irrespective of what platform you are on, Posterous is all embracing. Err, isn’t way too eager to have you shift over?

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image thumb86 Posterous makes major updates enables photo sharing from a dozen Twitter clients

Here comes another one to make sharing photos easier on Twitter as Posterous released its new features. The startup that let you share/post anything by simply sending an email has added photo sharing as well with the help of as many a dozen Twitter clients. The bigger part of the news is that Posterous has made a huge stride forward in this by integrating some of the most popular clients, including Seesmic Desktop, Tweetie for Mac. etc and the only major player left out is TweetDeck. But does it really matter all that much? This would also enable auto-postiing to various social networking sites including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook as well as maintain your very own photo blog at Posterous. Sounds more than useful and equally enticing to have users adopting it for sharing images. So is TwitPic going to have some serious competition with Posterous? You are more than welcome to be Nostradamus and predict the future of the two as comments.