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image thumb50 How To Protect Yourself From Malicious Links: Use Firefox Add on Search Engine Security

I for one need to do spend a lot of time on Google searching for various research reports, images, etc. And like most users, it isn’t surprising I too come across numerous malicious links. These include fake videos, images, spam sites and what not. The problem is antivirus and detection services don’t provide an ultimate solution, however we are looking forward to better secure ourselves. Zscaler, a leader in cloud security answered our question on how to protect ourselves against SEO spam with a Firefox add-on and is called Search Engine Security.

The plugin would protect users from most of the malware out there including fake AV and fake video pages. You can download Search Engine Security here.

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image thumb12 6 Essential Facebook WordPress Plugins A Blogger Can’t Miss

I will be surprised if a blogger comes up and says he simply hates the idea of connecting his blog to Facebook. Maybe the blogger might have his or her own reasons to hate, but having Facebook plugins helps the readers at least. I mean you wont mind sharing this article with the FShare or the Like button at the top on your Facebook profile, would you? What if they weren’t available? I bet many would leave a comment complaining about the unavailability of sharing features.

Startup Meme is a WordPress blog so the following plugins are going to be really helpful to you if you are a WordPress blogger as well. I would however request that you make sure that your blog is running the latest version of WordPress.

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image thumb26 Tools: Useful Facebook Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

I was just looking at our fanbox of our Facebook fan page at Startup Meme and I just thought how many plugins are actually there that you can use to integrate Facebook with your blog. Our blog is based on WordPress so I began with my search for WP plugins for Facebook. Isn’t WP the most popular publishing platform for blogging right now?

I am sure there is a whole list of plugins out there that you can use. I will however share a few of those that let you integrate your Blog on WordPress with your page on Facebook:

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