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googlesim 300x224 Google Flights: Introducing Google SIM, Next Landing Is Telecom?

While Google has got the Voice feature in works in the US, it is unavailable globally. The feature is a must have, one that everyone can use, would want to use. There have been rumors about Google working on bringing Google Voice to Europe as well and soon to the rest of its global community. While this is still some time away, reports yesterday put brought forth the Google SIM. Could this be how Google plan on bringing the Voice feature to the Europe and other countries?

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image thumb45 2 Facebook Phones From HTC Coming Out Next Month

There were rumors on the release of the Facebook Phone set to make a release soon. It just turned out that this rumor might very well be true as reports roll out of HTC in work to launch the same.

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image thumb131 Google Enables Phone Calls On Gmail: Talk About A Dent On Carriers!

This is super awesome, beginning today Google will enabling Voice calls right from their Gmail. Alright all skeptics, we could do voice chat but that needed both folks to be at their devices, but that changes. Err, let’s not be so nice, it’s a huge hit on the phone services as users will now be able to call any phone directly from their Gmail.

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