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image thumb39 Palm Pre to get HD Videos, Thanks to Kazaa (perhaps)

I read this and didn’t feel like believing it that Kazaa is still alive and that they are planning to bring movies with HD quality to Palm Pre. Why I don’t feel like believing this? Primarily because Kazaa has got quite a plan to make its presence felt and its team isn’t enlightening anyone this which makes me think that it’s just a rumor on the run. Anyone who has some solid proof of anything Kazaa for the Palm Pre in the wild?

image thumb81 Palm Pres dreams of iTunes Sync are short lived, hints Apple

Palm Pre had been boasting about its ability to enable users to sync their device with iTunes. But that might not last for long as Apple has taken notice of this and has stated that such technical breakthroughs are short lived. Meaning that if such a thing work outs presently, any update to the iTunes would render all such integration useless. Although it hasn’t been specific about Palm Pre, but it’s obvious that it made a mentioned of all such third party media devices. Well if this turns out to be true, the Palm Pre is going to have problems selling the devices.

image thumb39 And heres how you kill Competition: Apple to sell $99 iPhone

Cheap will always sell that too in bulks. And when that cheap price in on an iPhone, you can bet the sales of the device to outgrow all its competitors. Apple has done exactly that in its WWDC keynote apart from introducing the much waited iPhone 3G-S. The latest iPhone is all superior to the last one, with larger storage, faster speed and a better camera to name a few things that make it new but those of us who just find $199 a bit too heavy on the pocket can now boast an iPhone for $99. This iPhone is exactly the old one and to be honest the old one is by no means a bad option given that it has over 50,000 apps which have been downloaded a billion times. If you were waiting for this announcement coming from Apple, you can go grab one as $99 iPhone is out on sales from today onwards. Palm Pre, you have a tough time, a very tough time indeed already.

image thumb95 Palm Pre will be able to Sync with iTunes. Is Palm trying hard to push its sales?

After planning everything out to mar (supposedly) Apple’s WWDC and the possibility of a new iPhone, the Palm Pre, the manufacturers are boasting the phones ability to sync with content on iTunes. The device will be able to access users content on iTunes and iPhotos. But there is a barrier to syncing when it comes to restricted content. The Pre is tipped in to keep Palm afloat in the market which is dominated by the iPhone and it will take more than just syncing features/ability to make a difference for the manufacturers.