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image thumb60 Breaking Facebook Unbans The Blasphemous Page – Rumors Or True?

There are reports circling Twitter that the page promoting the Draw Mohammad Day has been removed from Facebook. Access to the social network which was banned yesterday by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on the directives issues by the Lahore High Court.. I can’t confirm this news as yet since the authorities have blocked access in Pakistan and would appreciate if our readers can confirm the same in the comments. If that has been removed, I would highly appreciate if the authorities can confirm the same and lift the ban on the social Networking Site.

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image thumb59 Facebook Ban Followed By Ban On YouTube And Flickr By Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.. Is Twitter Next?

Today is the day for which a group was created promoting the Draw Mohammad Day on Facebook and as a result the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority was directed by the Lahore High Court to ban Facebook for an indefinite period effective from May 19. It appears that the PTA has also blocked access via proxy sites, access to social networking site via Mobile devices and any other way deemed possible. While I thought that was it, authorities here have got even stricter and have issued a ban on YouTube, Flickr as well.

This ban is temporary on YouTube and Flickr as of now, but we aren’t sure how long does temporary actually mean. Facebook hasn’t taken any action against the page stating that the page doesn’t violate any of its Terms and Conditions. I am surprised at this as many a caricatures were a direct insult to the Muslim faith and my point is justified. Of the 1 million or so Pakistani users on Facebook, 90% or so are in favor of this decision.

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image thumb58 Facebook Deals With Reliance And Videocon Ensure Facebook Access On Mobiles Cost You Zero

Talk about good news for the world when people in Pakistan suffer a Facebook ban. Reports state that the social network can now be accessed via mobile devices for free. You heard it right, there will be no roaming charges in more than 45 countries across the selected mobile networks. This includes our neighbor country, India.

With over 400 million users on the social network, this deal with Indian Wireless operators; Videocon and Reliance Communications would be one of the many that would give its users a access on their mobiles devices without any data charges. This has been made possible with the release of the Zero version of Facebook, which we had earlier talked about back in February this year. The new version will be made available across the leading networks in India pretty soon. As for the layout and features, it won’t be much different from the mobile version of the site and would let users update their status, send messages, etc.

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image thumb57 Facebook Ban In Pakistan Takes Its Toll On Twitter: Fail Whale Once Again

Twitter over capacity. Why am I not surprised reading this? I mean it was evident given that the authorities in Pakistan had banned access to the social network owing to the group that promotes drawing cartoons of the Prophet [PBUH]. Its obvious that people, who find it impossible to resist the departure from Facebook have almost immediately switched to Twitter to gossip more about it.

Alright it might be a bit of exaggeration here and Twitter might be facing general problems, the Fail Whale which was a regular feature in the past. What makes me think that the current ban is a reason for this, is the Fail Whale has appeared after quite a while and had been missing this for ages now. I am not sure what number of users on Facebook from Pakistan but if this ban is a reason for Twitter downtime, I am guessing the number must be pretty high, otherwise Twitter must now be quite capable of handling a bit of surge in the users.

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image thumb24 HP Putting Mobility and Technology to Better Use, Organizes Bloggers Meetup in Pakistan

There is definitely a need for events that help encourage bloggers and social media addicts to come under one roof and communicate with each other. I have always been in for this and admire initiatives taken by industry giants to do the same. Luckily the entire scene is getting a lot of air in Pakistan too as HP plans to close this year with a bloggers’ event in three major cities of the country, namely; Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

The event will also be giving away its Notebook to deserving bloggers and the event is just one of the many it has in plans. To be honest it is definitely going to encourage more people to get serious about the blog, more importantly the industries out there who would see the potential that Blogs have. That doesn’t mean they don’t know about it, its just many avoid giving them the priority like they have in other parts of the globe.

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image thumb50 Coke Studio brings Traditional Eastern Music to the masses and its very impressive

There have been a lot of music streaming services that I have covered Startup Meme but coming across Coke Studio has been a very different experience. Why? Because it has a blend of culture with modern methods, a perfect example of utilizing the digital media to bring the vast talents into the limelight. I wont call it a music streaming site, but the portal is one stop access to the amalgamation of Eastern music with music inspired from modern Western and regionally inspired music. The site hosts videos and audios from a dozen leading artists from the music industry in Pakistan.

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