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Toyota   GrandeAffair 300x200 Revisiting the Toyota #GrandeAffair

I have been highlighting the importance of Digital Media, especially blogs ever since I began blogging myself (officially) in 2008. I was told all this is too farfetched and the time is not right. Go forward 7 years and today everyone out there is trying to get their fair share of voice. The sad part is, there is no first mover here; amongst brands. But let me put aside this rant and praise the fact that this is finally picking up.

The most recent meetup that called upon the influential folks on digital sphere was conducted by Toyota IMC, on August 22nd. The Toyota Team invited the individuals over at their manufacturing facility to give them a look into what happens inside the premises of Pakistan’s leading automobile manufacturing brand. From the rules around safety, work hours to the assembly, whatever there was demonstrated how uniformity is ensured. It has to be, it’s Toyota that we are talking about.

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So it’s been over a week since the unboxing of the Infinix Hot Note X551 and so far, the experience has been solid. I will be honest for a moment here, when I first received the Hot Note, I wasn’t too optimistic about what the phone’s performance will be. The experience has been contrary to my first thought; the Infinix Hot Note is a pretty solid device, both in terms of appearance and in terms of performance. Let’s not waste time here and get to write about its key winning points.

IMG 20150607 230047 225x300 The Infinix Hot Note – Hands On

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The Infinix Hot Note, finally received and doing what any blogger would do; Unbox and see what’s inside!

Logo Adzine Adzine, A Pakistani Startup Experimenting With Whats Already In The BoxAdzine is a new startup based in Pakistan focused on a more traditional business of Print Ads, however the founders have taken this initiative primarily as a study and have plans on taking a Digital Route with their Startup. We think it is quite logical for them to experiment with something that’s already in the box before attempting a new approach, especially in a market that is still adopting (fast) to the startup culture. Following is an interview with the Co-Founder, Khurram Salahuddin Khan:

Q.1  Who are you and what’s your background?

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ss100809pakistan04.ss full IBM Capable Of Predicting Floods 100 Hours In Advance

Floods have been devastating recently. Especially the ones last year in Pakistan that flooded an area that was larger than many European countries combined. Many lives were lost that could have been saved, had there been a flood forecast. Early warning systems can prove to be absolutely essential, especially in densely populated regions where whatever time that can be bought saves as many lives.

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You call it luck or good timing, Sohaib Akhtar of Pakistan might not have known that he would be a part of the Web history as the only person Live Tweeting the Abbottabad operation which involved US armed forces and the Pakistani Intelligence Service killing Osama Bin Laden. The guy is an IT consultant and was probably on a break in the quite of Abbottabad. But things changed and I am sure the atmosphere will not be as peaceful in the city as it had been.

Following are a few tweets he sent last night. Thanks to TC for compiling these up.

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image thumb1 Osama Bin Laden Dead At Last, Barrack Obama Confirms, Social Networks Go Crazy

So Osama Bin Laden is dead? That’s the worst news you can hear early in the morning, that too in the country you are a citizen of. I am not a political analyst nor is this a political or anti-terrorist blog but what makes it worth its mention is that the whole is crazily taking over the Social Networks. Read More »

image thumb36 Zong Telecom Introduces The Cheapest Android Smartphone: IDEOS On Froyo At Less Than $200 In Pakistan

When you say Android or Apple iPhone people by default think it’s about high priced only for rich smartphones. They aren’t wrong initially, especially in Pakistan where people would want a nice phone with maximum features but affordable enough for everyone. I mean iPhone 4 can cost you a good $1,000 and the cheapest Android Handset from HTC would be $350 plus. These phones, being really worth the price aren’t one meant for everyone’s pocket. However Zong Telecom, keeping the whole price factor and user demand in sight has introduced an all new handset running on the Android version 2.2 aka Froyo.

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image thumb18 Ways You Can Assist The Flood Victims In Pakistan As Flood Displace 3 Million People

I am residing in Pakistan and as the world might be aware that is has been hit by one of the worst floods in the history of the region. The torrential rains in the last couple of weeks have wreaked havoc in the country, devastating the North West Frontier Province [now called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa] with floods affecting more than 3 million people. As of current stats, close to 1,500 people have lost their lives, [the number which is unbelievable seeing the destruction it has caused].

More rains are expected to hit the country in the next week or two as the flood water ravages to the southern areas to Punjab and Sind. We at Startup Meme are sharing possible ways on how our readers across the globe can help the affected people.

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image thumb84 China Hammers Another Ban: Google Suggest Feature Now Un Suggested

Google is getting some kicking in China and Pakistan by the authorities. I had been experiencing a block on certain Google Search Suggestions on random sites by the PTA and I kept ignoring this until I came across news from Cnet. While it’ about China extending its impenetrable firewall further.

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