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image thumb1 Create Facebook Pages At Ease With Hy.ly–Startup SundayIf you don’t have a Facebook presence, you don’t have much say the wise experts. Err, sorry that was my own but I am sure it’s quite a solid need for any firm out there. And when we talk about organizations, groups or institutions, a Facebook Page is more important to get the word out and share whatever is it that you do. Be it your blog on latest fashion, trends or a service, a Facebook page speaks a thousands words. Am I mixing sayings for my own purpose?

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CropperCapture31 thumb And Now A FanPage For Lily  .. The Black Bear

This is insane, seriously, the latest buzz on Facebook is Lily, the Black Bear giving birth live to the audience on Facebook. This wasn’t something accidental, rather a group of researchers had installed a camera in her den to study the bear’s hibernation. The page as of now has close to 65,000 fans in under a fortnight.

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