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image thumb24 Osama Bin Laden Abbottabad Compound Counter Strike Map Available For DownloadLooks like the Osama Bin Laden saga still has a lot of life remaining and I guess no one, in governments globally, intelligence agencies, journalists, social media freaks and gaming hot shots are going to let it die. We had been hearing rumors of a possible Hollywood movie or a game on Osama Bin Laden raid. Turns out we have already got our hands on one really good experience.

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You call it luck or good timing, Sohaib Akhtar of Pakistan might not have known that he would be a part of the Web history as the only person Live Tweeting the Abbottabad operation which involved US armed forces and the Pakistani Intelligence Service killing Osama Bin Laden. The guy is an IT consultant and was probably on a break in the quite of Abbottabad. But things changed and I am sure the atmosphere will not be as peaceful in the city as it had been.

Following are a few tweets he sent last night. Thanks to TC for compiling these up.

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image thumb1 Osama Bin Laden Dead At Last, Barrack Obama Confirms, Social Networks Go Crazy

So Osama Bin Laden is dead? That’s the worst news you can hear early in the morning, that too in the country you are a citizen of. I am not a political analyst nor is this a political or anti-terrorist blog but what makes it worth its mention is that the whole is crazily taking over the Social Networks. Read More »

image thumb50 Osama Bin Laden On Facebook? I Don’t Think So

Identity theft and once again Facebook is dumb as ever and it’s not its fault, unless it gets an Eagle Eye to know who exactly is joining it. Reports of Osama Bin Laden having a profile on the social network circled the Web. I am not buying crap that Bin Laden actually had time to join the most wasteful of sites online, and it was definitely one of the many anonymous groups who wanted to promote him.

The profile was created on March 25th, and had amassed over thousand fans and while the initial posts were in Arabic, more comments in English were beginning to appear. The profile now has been removed by Facebook upon request from security officials. The social network itself has no specific terms and conditions on terrorism but it does prohibit its users from posting anything that violates law, in any manner. I guess that was sufficient enough to pull the profile off.

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