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image thumb82 Facebook Surpasses Yahoo As Number 2 Video Site, YouTube Still Way Ahead

Numbers always add more weight to your claims than just saying you are the leader in a certain category. I mean you can be a leader amongst losers around you? But lets not make this a lecture of some sort and come to the comScore’s monthly report for August which reveals stats on online video data in the US.

A whopping 178 million people watched online video content at an average 14.3 hours per viewer. Though the total number has remained unchanged and Google sites still lead with a massive 146 million unique viewers it gives me great joy to share Facebook climbing to number two. It had over 58 million unique viewers compared to Yahoo which it surpassed with 53 million plus viewers. Facebook rightly deserves this and Yahoo shouldn’t even be there at all. Honestly I didn’t ever knew that Yahoo even had a video site!

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image thumb10 If it’s a scene you always wanted to watch over and over, MovieClips is your stop!

Of course YouTube is the obvious video destination for us all but that is more generic, I mean what if you just want clips of Movies? Out comes MovieClips, which finally goes public after quite some time in the private beta. That wasn’t bad, given that it comes out with more than 12,000 clips and deals with half a dozen major Hollywood studios; which include the names like Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. 20th Century Fox, etc. The two minute clips are easy to watch for, given that you can search for them by artist or movie name or even using what the scene was like, for example you can look up for funny or action and these scenes are displayed as thumbnails and users can watch the preview. The rest is quite similar to our daily online activity, like you can favorite a particular clip or share it with your users.

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image thumb4 YouTube working hard to Sign Deals with TV Networks

Google is pretty busy, communicating with television networks in a bid to have them stream shows on YouTube. The plan is to stream content on the online video juggernaut pricing each at $1.99. Good enough and it would actually do good with only one drawback that you will not be able to download these. And that is quite a drawback to begin with, I mean why in the world should I pay a subscription fee only to have them stream online when I can readily have them downloaded at the same price?

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image thumb93 Market7 Goes Big, Provides Google With Collaborative Video Production Solution

Online video collaboration startup Market7 has got a turn of fortune as Google adopted its flagship video. The startup provides web apps for collaboration across the numerous stages of video production. It not only assists producers but even people from corporate sector by eliminating the large amount of time spend with those videos. Google has used its app video.Market7 to complete more than 120 videos and will continue to use it to better manage projects where the teams continue to change, especially if the team is spread worldwide. Market7 provides the following services:

image thumb70 WatchKnow: Referred to EducateA wise man once said internet is the next medium for education but it never struck me so hard until I came across WatchKnow. A service that organizes all the scattered but useful information such that the new generation can make positive use of it. Apart from that it also provides a pedestal for us to act responsible. But how? well all we have to do is to make an account and  make our contribution by submitting informational videos which it categorizes according to different subjects and educational level. Each video we contribute is thoroughly filtered.

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kideoslogo thumb Kideos’ Videos are all about kids.. and for kids

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