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image thumb45 myBantu: Leave Recommendations To Your Personal AssistantPersonal assistants are not affordable for every one out there. I mean I can’t afford that, to manage my chores, help me find out the right things or news from the bulk available so I don’t waste time filtering the same. This is exactly what many of those social recommendation startups have kept in mind. Perhaps the single most useful thing that social networks and the Web 2.0 has given us. We thought it was time to bring forth a similar startup on this week’s Startup Sunday, bet our readers would love to have one of their own. The startup comes from India.

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ScreenShot2 thumb Sososher: Making Social Shopping More Fun [And Simple]

If you are a startup, associated to shopping in any manner and you have great offers, you are bound to be a winner. Sososher is the latest to step in Social Shopping and its scoring points are that it provides people with the place online to buy products available across 2,000 online stores. All users do is register themselves on the portal and they are good to go.

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Justbought.it is another startup focused at Shopping online and making the experience better. It amalgamates online shopping with the social networking concept and is an all rounder with that. The idea is to have you connect via your social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter or your mobile devices and in turn help you find the right items to shop for by connecting you with people having tastes similar to yours.

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image thumb Aroxo: Online Shopping, bargaining made effective

I don’t know about others, but I personally hate the idea of bargaining for an item in a shop and then coming out empty handed. That changes with online market place and Aroxo is a new entrant in the category and it’s pretty good. Simply type in what you are looking and Aroxo displays you with the list of items associated to your item. The best part is that you can then set up parameters like price you want the item for, etc and a thermometer shows you how close you are to the price the seller has set. Once the price is close to your match, you can set up the response time within which the seller can respond to your request. Negotiations can continue until one of you gives up and agrees to the conditions set by the other. What’s good about it? It keeps all the facial expressions out of the conversation.