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image thumb52 Infographic: iPad Against Android, Microsoft TabletsWith the Apple iPad 2 out in the markets along with a plethora of other tablets it is always a tough choice to make, what to buy and what not. Obviously fanboys of any brand or operating system would never look at anything else, but some users always lookout for the specs to make the right decision. An informed one as they think of it.

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law thumb Shareholders: ‘Wait Google, you just can’t acquire On2 Technologies!’

We reported Google acquiring On2 Technologies for a healthy $106.5 Million but it appears On2’s shareholders aren’t in favor of the acquisition. They have filed a lawsuit demanding that the deal should be frozen, why? Because they think that On2’s directors have fished the firm for the best possible cash value. The think that On2’s stock could have traded at a better value, which sounds pretty confusing as many had agreed with the deal, given that On2 execs had mentioned that shareholders will have a chance to be amongst Google’s shareholders too. I guess its shareholders fear the risks involved and amalgamating new technologies into the existing one of the company, which itself is pretty firm. Lets see how this shapes up later when SEC has statements filed.

acquisition thumb Google grabs Video Compression site On2 Technology for $106.5 Million

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