image thumb61 Create Newsletter For Your Facebook Fan Pages With NutshellMail

There is already quite a lot planned to happen for Facebook users, primarily the page administrators who can keep a better eye on what engages their fans the most. While that was something on the Facebook’s part, NutshellMail, the startup we had covered some time back is making a return with a new app.

The application works for fan pages on the social network letting you generate a newsletter for the updates on your fan page. So what exactly is the need for this? Think of it how many of your fans actually engage? Forget that, how many actually visit your page often or even in a week? Not all given the bulk of pages they actually have. With NutshellMail, things ease up a bit as the application would enable you create newsletter of the fan page and share it with your fans via email, which in some manner guarantees higher chances of engagement. The application works quite simply as the administrators can add the application to the fan page with an accompanying tab that reads Email Newsletter to promote it.

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