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image thumb74 Nokia X3 02: The Hybrid Nokia Phone With Touch And Type

I admire Nokia for everything, the great number of mobile devices it has given us until Apple stepped in with the iPhone and Nokia began losing ground. Not that it has lost its position of being the market leader in mobile arena, but it has become less alluring. Well at least for the more style savvy folks. Anyways, coming to the news, the Finnish cell phone manufacturer has released the latest mobile device in the X-Series by name of Nokia X3-02, making the device sound more like a License place of a vehicle and less of a mobile.

The X3, as I would put it is a hybrid of the ancient with the modern. Primarily because Nokia sticks to its habit of taking tradition along. The device boasts a standard numeric Keypad with a small touchscreen, the device from the first looks, gives a typical Nokia look of perfection. But, it’s the software I detest, the X3 runs on the more ancient Symbian S40 operating system, which should be enough to make you realize that we aren’t talking about a great user interface. Other than that it looks quite good. The specs for the device are as follows:

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image thumb33 And The Biggest Whiner Is.. Apple For Its Continued Whining Over iPhone 4 Antenna / Death Grip

Alright, there is a new battle raging through the mobile world thanks Mr. Once Perfect; Steve Jobs, who took the stage to address with the iPhone 4’s antenna issue. The CEO, much to our surprise was open to allege the grip of death that causes all mobiles to lose signal strength. The death grip is nothing but how you hold your phone and the brave Steve Jobs highlighted similar problems with smartphones like: the BlackBerry, the HTC Droid and even Nokia.

Apple highlighted the E71 losing signal strength if gripped inappropriately while Nokia in reply stated there is no such issue reported. I agree with Nokia, have been using the device for almost a decade now and never experienced a drastic signal drop owing to handling of the device until today. I just thought that I must give it a try by holding the device in a manner Apple highlighted and yes, the signal strength did drop, abruptly from 7 bars to 1. This was tested with the Nokia E71, the E63 [took a lot of effort for one bar to drop] and another phone from China by the name of Q-Mobile, all three devices had a signal drop, but, I was holding the phones really tight from the bottom area, the way no mobile user would hold his or her phone. I tried doing the same with the iPhone 3G and it didn’t register a signal drop.

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P6290072 thumb Face2Face: Worlds Should Meet, Not Collide – Welcome Proximity Based Social Networking

As promised, here is a bit more composed post on the launch of Face2Face. Pardon my excitement, many might not actually consider it an awesome, groundbreaking product but to me it means a lot. Especially coming from the region where doing something innovative is quite a daunting task. Lets put aside the negatives here and focus on the application alone for now. The app has been created by Proximate Global, headed by Hameed Khan from Pakistan and its Chief Technology Officer being Umair Aziz.

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image thumb84 Review Nokia X6: A Great Music Device And Shows That Nokia Is Serious About ‘Touch Screen’

I have been in possession of the Nokia X6 for quite some time now and honestly the device is one step up from its predecessor, the 5800 Xpress Music and many steps below its really impressive N-Series, especially the N97. I am not sure what exactly is wrong here, but Nokia is failing to make a mark with smoothness.

The device has a sleek design, and the right weight to qualify it as a decent touch-screen device. Honestly,the 5800 Xpress Music was a big fail, a highly resistive touch screen, an undesirable light weight and there was an absence of that ‘thing’ which made the device really useful. No offense to Nokia and with all due respect, that device was a fail. The X6 is an evolution, a pretty good evolution to put it appropriately but it still doesn’t qualify to compete in the race of Smartphones. Lets talk about, in a bit detailed way.

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Nokia N8 06 thumb The Nokia N8 Comes Fully Loaded: Symbian^3 OS, Video Editing, 12MP Camera.. Wait Are You Sure This Is From Nokia?

Nokia is finally making the moves in the right direction, at least with design. Today the cell phone juggernaut released the Nokia N8 for a meager cost of EUR 370 bundled with loads of features that are essential for all smartphone users. It appears that the firm decided it was time it moved of its suffocating corporate mindset to bring something genuinely intuitive.

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image thumb35 Nokia Releases App to bring Exclusive Rihanna Content To Her Fans In Pakistan

Things are happening in Pakistan (earlier HP Bloggers Meetup) and its great to hear of such news. Presently Nokia launched its exclusive application in collaboration with Rihanna and made it available at the Ovi store, giving her fans a chance to have her presence on their favorite Nokia devices. The app is set to deliver content which ranges from pictures, exclusive videos and news to a variety of Nokia handsets which include N97, Nokia X6 and the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic editions.

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image thumb41 Nokia takes a hit as shares fall by 6.02%

Nokia has ruled the mobile market for quite a long time now but it appears that the cell phone manufacturer has got worries knocking its doors. The manufacturer faced a tick over 6% slip in shares as the losses hammered to a whopping $842 Million. The reason for this plunge? Well the market is so filled with variety now, you have the iPhone that caters to the need of the vast user base in the 15-30 year age group, then you have the much cheaper devices that are feature rich coming from LG and Samsung at such a high rate that things tend to get quite problematic for Nokia. I guess what needs to be done is that Nokia needs to inject some newer blood into its models that compete the market in every possible way. To be honest, any Nokia device would last longer than the many high end phones out there but at the end of the day it’s all what the consumers require and while Nokia has been satisfying its users for ages, the younger generation just doesn’t appear to be so.

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image thumb57 Nokia Research Center: Making Life more Mobile

The place is very peaceful, nothing close to the bustling cities I have grown used to, but Helsinki did give a chance to get an idea of what the research is about at Nokia. Sounds more like a travelogue doesn’t it, but I will keep it that way since I am traveling. Cutting the lectures short, I was lucky to get an over look on what Nokia is busy with.

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Dopplr acquired by Nokia

image thumb54 Dopplr acquired by Nokia

Finnish mobile manufacturing giant, Nokia is set to expand its territories further as it acquired travel social network Dopplr. The service provides users a place to share the future travel plans they have with friends. The acquisition has cost Nokia somewhere in the range of $15 to $22 Million and has been made right when Dopplr was anticipating a new round of funding. The social network had been cofounded by Marko Ahtisaari, who previously was Nokia’s Director of Design Strategy.